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  • No that’s not correct

    The words are being said, just no one is typing them

  • Ah. I knew I had a problem with talking and typing.

  • Get a fucking grip, it's only a little run.

    There, happy now?
    While I don't take it to kl levels of vest wearing, I do warm up quickly, and do not recall having ever worn any more than a l/s base layer and windproof jacket.

  • I’m trying to work out exactly what ‘float’ means - as I’ve seen some interesting looking sessions which incorporate it but just want to make sure I have it right before going for it.

  • I think that float means to maintain the speed for a little while and then slow down. Think being the operative word there.

    @Chalfie - when it's hot, it's time for a vest or t-shirt, shorts and socks & shoes only. Sometimes a cheap old Decathlon cap if I fancy wicking the sweat away from my eyes

  • I think float means run the recovery slightly faster than you "should". Based on the fact you're probably trying too hard on your intervals. And this will help lactate clearance. Or something.

  • Yay. Repeated last week's 3 mile XC tempo over the woods, more muddy this week and had to slow down for a couple of dogs, but knocked 18 secs off my time. At this rate I might squeeze into the top 100 for Surrey League at Wimbledon Common next week. :)

  • I had two xc races today. A pretty low key interclub vets one in Loughton and then the North London champs at Wormwood Scrubs. The weather was abysmal in Loughton at 11, but improved a bit by 1.30 out west.

    I have discovered that putting on wet and cold spikes is pretty grim.

    I am now going to eat everything that I can see

  • Planning to do a half next year and want to get training now, partly to beat my friends and partly because I’m not riding much and starting to get love handles.

    Any recommendations for a good LS winter top? Do most people layer up? I run quite hot and hate the idea of having to stop to take something off.

  • not a recommendation, but the nike store up the side of the kings cross is an outlet store so I'd head there for a scout if you're London based

  • I have a couple of these:­-run-top-1/

    Or get similar (and cheaper) from Decathlon.

    I run hot and I'm not quite in kl dress code but most of the time I'll be in short sleeve running top, shorts, socks, shoes and a cap (to keep the sweat off face) for most of the year.

    If it's cold (and wet) I may move to a long sleeve running top like the above, also may add a buff round the neck (which can be pulled up to cover the face until I've warmed up), and thin gloves (which never last more than 30 minutes before I'm hot enough to have to take them off).

    I've never run with any form of a jacket or second layer on. I'd just boil.

    You need to dress so you such that you're at the right temperature 5 minutes into the run. This means starting out feeling cold. Easy to state as a rule but hard to get right without trial and error. If you're toasty warm 30 seconds into a run you'll be a sweaty mess stripping off layers 10 minutes later.

  • Decathlon are worth a look - I’ve a couple of long sleeved medium weight tops I use in cold weather, and the stuff is cheap enough that you can buy without risk (7.99 as opposed to 79.99)

    Think Phil posted a page up on this - you tend to be much warmer and out for shorter times when running compared to cycling, so different rules apply. No need for layers, little need for insulation or waterproofness. I find gloves useful - again decathlon do some very light running gloves for a couple of quid that work at freezing temps

  • For somebody who runs hot like me, their basic silk glove liners are perfect to keep my fingers warm in the coldest weather.

  • Plus a million for those gloves.

    On my massive 5k run Ive hit the sweet spot of clothing right now.
    Long sleeve planet X base
    Ron hill track pants
    Castelli squadra jacket over the top

    I, fortunately, have a shower at work.

  • shorts (or tights), singlet or tshirt, arm sleeves, gloves and ear wamer/headband/hat - this is my go to at the moment.

  • Spot-on.

    In the depths of winter I might resort to tights but unless it's below zero, most probably shorts (maybe lycra undercrackers under running shorts), a base layer + short sleeve over the top (2 layers enough to keep out wind chill), but also a hat and buff, which can both be removed for temperature regulation.

    Gloves are a very personal thing and I'm sure I start using them before most people. Bloody Raynaud's!

  • Thanks all - Decathlon is always a great shout.

    I didn’t think I’d dress more stupidly than I did to cycle but I’ve just been looking at bumbags and headbands.

  • Do Decathlon have decent running boxers?

  • I’ve got a couple of pairs to wear under tights; they’re fine­oxers-black-id_8489345.html

  • You can usually find New Balance ones in TK Maxx

  • If you go back to this thread around

    ... /2019/oct/18/ ...

    you'll see it was posted then too:­

  • very interesting. she has been so badly treated. salazar is terrible and nike are worse. but, will we all throw out our vaporflys?

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