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  • I didn't particularly join a club for the social side of things, and I used to happily do all my training solo, but besides bringing more structure to your training particularly with interval sessions, there's a lot to be said for having some company on long runs, especially when others are working towards the same goal as you. 20 miles on a Sunday morning can be a lot more bearable when there's a bit of chat going on, not to mention people introducing you to new routes.


    I never actually joined - just turned up and did the training sessions.

  • thanks both. looks like I'll go next tuesday for a taster

  • +1 on the Parliament Hill track sessions. It’s run by HH but there are a couple of uni clubs (ucl I think) in there. They’re totally fine with randoms joining in - it costs 3 quid I think to use the track (join HH and it’s free to use). I found the B group perfect - fast enough to always have someone to follow, (no worries that is ever be at the front...) but not so fast that I was ever at the back, even if taking an easy lap.

    I did sessions last year, then had a chest infection followed by a calf strain and didn’t go back. Maybe this’ll motivate me to try again!

  • Worse ways to start the day than a 10km along the Pacific coastline 😍

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  • Help please!
    I've developed a fear of running, as I keep on getting really tight calf muscles. I've been doing yoga since the start of the year, which has helped my body immensely, but I've still got the fear.
    I had a chat with a fitness coach who suggested the "Pose Method" - has anyone got any experience of this? Or any other suggestions on how to run in a way that might minimise the chances of my calves locking up on a regular basis?

  • First and foremost, how strong are your calves? If you can’t manage, say, 30 single leg, bent knee calf raises on both sides then maybe start there building some strength.

    As for technique - I did a thing on Chi running about a decade ago (coz my missis wanted to try it): same basic principles of short stride, high cadence, mid foot landing as pose in believe. And yeah, I think it makes sense - it changed the way I ran and it’s all good. However pose, chi or similar methods will likely put more strain on your calves than heel striking (which possibly puts more strain on your knees) as, simplistically, you’re landing on the front of your foot and your calf is soaking up the impact (rather than a massive rubber wedge under your heel)

    If you’ve no problems with calf strength then maybe do a couch to 5k to ease into things. Go look at a running technique if you’re interested in it, but unless you’re doing something horribly wrong then maybe not likely to make a huge difference

  • I have endless issues with tight calves .. was told by physio that heel strike would likely help.. I’ve been trying to adjust my gait but not felt much difference.

    Got given calf-raises and stretches also.

    Basically, it gets better for me when I’m training regularly but regardless it is always my calves which are the weak link and cause me issues first

  • Thanks both.

    Just tried calf raises, and can do 30 each side without a break. I guess no harm in making that a regular exercise though (rather than a one-off, how strong are my calves test)?

    Maybe it's just a case of easing myself back into it gently, Couch to 5K again I guess. (If anyone has any pointers for an accelerated version of the programme, that could be good!)

  • Couch to 5K again I guess. (If anyone has any pointers for an accelerated version of the programme, that could be good!)

    Parkrun, this Saturday.

  • Junior Parkrun, this Sunday.


  • A hard foam roller did wonders for my calves.

  • I'd consider a good physio with experience of sports injuries.

    They're more likley to look for a root cause, as opposed to trial-and-error treatment of the symptoms.

  • Nice recovery run after Saturday's effort yeah?

  • I think there is some dot watching or at least some number tracking at the OMM this weekend. I'm doing the b course with my brother: team 238.

  • Lovely run over the woods this morning. I've created a Strava segment 3 mile hilly off-road loop to use as a tempo effort during XC season and monitor fitness progress. Just broke my own CR (3 efforts) but then noticed I'm the only person who's run the route! Saucony Peregrines felt great.

  • Back to London next week - gonna be a bit of a come down after some of the awesome routes I’ve been on this trip. But also kind of weirdly looking forward to running in the cold and wet again

  • Did my first Parkrun today, probably only my 3rd or 4th run ever.

    With running to and from the parkrun I ended up doing just short of 10k.

    When does it stop hurting so much?!

    Also I need some better head/earphones. I have a set of dirt cheap bluetooth ones from aliexpress just now which aren't terrible but the bit that goes into my ear is a bit too big I think. Any reasonably priced suggestions?

  • Any reasonably priced suggestions?

    Enjoy the ambient surrounding noise, free.

  • On the bike, yeah. Running, I need something to help me zone out from the pain!

  • When does it stop hurting so much?!

    Depends how it is hurting? Pain pain = get physio check. Discomfort = time on feet & conditioning.

  • Slow down, when it feels as easy as the bike there'll be no need for tunes.

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