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  • Congratulations, glad you enjoyed it, despite the toilet stops. Did you manage to see the Red Arrows?

  • Solid advice, thanks.

  • I read that there was no red arrows this year due to overseas commitments and i didn't see them. Im former RAF and couldn't care less about them though.
    Saw Mo Farrah though, and some England ladies footballer :)

  • Brilliant:

    One of the great pleasures in recent years has been the inspiring growth of endurance-only track meets. It’s fair to say that their number and depth has a major Southern basis, a very obvious impact of our horrible house prices meaning that everyone aged under 35 has loads of time to pile up the 25 lappers when in a normal society they’d be sorting an attic bedroom, in magenta.­lecting-on-the-end-of-track-season/26953­/

  • Very entertaining.

    Copenhagen half this weekend. I need a good run to get into the club southern six stage team. It would be nice to get a pb so am going to go out hard and see what happens.

    Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend.

  • Likewise the step up from half Ironman to full is quite big.

    I found there to be a big step up from middle distance tri to marathon, in terms of training time needed

    It's the running that's the killer.

  • Ooh good luck!
    My main responsibility for the relays, besides cheering on the day, is to get the V40 trophy engraved from last year just in case we don't win it for a 6th time in a row. :-) I've not even put myself forward for a B/C team slot but hoping to be fitter for the start of XC.

  • I'm on my way to Chepstow for the start of the Mercian Challenge. 100 miles along the Offa's Dyke path, 8pm start. Hoping to finish sometime Saturday night but hadn't really looked at the elevation profile until this morning...😐­challenge/ you can see the elevation on this page.

  • Hope it's going well for you, looks a lovely race.

  • Fuuuuuck meeeee.

    A few weeks ago I hiked and climbed a 10mi route with 1500m up and 1500m down and it took me 12 hours. Admittedly it was above 3000m and about 25% was actual climbing with ropes and glaciers but even so, I have literally no idea how somebody could cover that distance and elevation in 48 hours!

  • Thanks guys.

    Was going well and feeling pretty good at the last checkpoint, left Knighton and started on the section that "breaks people" according to the checkpoint guy. Holding steady in 5th position having run myself up the leader board after a steady night and decent breakfast in Hay on Wye. 4th was about 2 miles up the road which didn't seem impossible over the 18 miles left if I had the legs. Pushed on and was moving well but not closing on 4th. Then hit the last 10 miles - a series of wall-like climbs and descents that sapped everything I had. Navigating in the dark after being up since 6am Friday (and it's now Sat night) saw me get lost twice. I was quickly hemorrhaging time, energy and the will to live. Started hallucinating at some point too, said hello to a lady walking her dog that was actually a cow.
    Finally hit the last CP and my finish at just before 0130 Sunday morning.

    Sub 30hr finish and 5th place. Pretty happy with that for my first 100 miler.

  • Wow. good effort. Puts my reverse progression half marathon at Copenhagen into perspective.

  • Amazing! Well done.

  • Sub 30hr finish and 5th place. Pretty happy with that for my first 100 miler.

    I’d say you are. Great running!

  • Nice one, sounds like a tough but rewarding experience.

  • Fantastic effort!

  • Just looked up your run, still flying sub 76 for the half Mara! 58.01 was always going to be a big ask...

  • cheers. yeah, even though he struggled from 15-20k...

  • Bristol half today, well organised, tricky course with a nice out and back for the first 8 miles and then zigzagging though the city centre for the last 5 miles.

    Went out having only run 2 times per week since June and longest run about 16km, sat with 1:35 pacer for 8 miles and then just drifted off in front and ran to feel, finished in 1:33:02, nothing special but a good step in rebuilding my enjoyment of running and confidence having really struggled in the marathon of Ironman Austria in July!

  • Running a half marathon in 2 weeks in a 10kg weight vest.

    Any suggestions on what I should be doing, never really ran this distance but have a pretty decent tank so should be able to grind it out.

  • a tough but rewarding experience.

    Exactly that. Really enjoyed the vast majority of it but made a couple of rookie mistakes which made the last section harder than it should have been - mainly not eating anything after the final checkpoint.

    Thanks everyone. Will try to write something up properly at some point when I can remember what order the hours of the day came in.

  • Just as I was ready to get back to it after knee problems.

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  • Oof nice. And such a nice big toe nail too!

    I did mine (minor compared to that but there was a small avulsion fracture too) playing 5-a-side on 1st August. Looking to get the all clear for gentle running at my next physio appointment on 28th October. Luckily I can now swim/cycle as much as I like.

  • Ouch. I saw a fell race vid earlier
    & wondered what you were up to. Hope you heal quick!

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