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  • Biig audax tomorrow so I'm resting! Next week I'm back on my feet. Have stopped carrying so much to and from work so a commute jog is on the cards

  • Enjoy Audax.

    I had a relatively good Parkrun & am back on run commutes too, hope you enjoy them :)

  • Is anyone doing the Ladywell 10000 on the 1st september?

    It is the morning after my 40th birthday, so I am sort of umming and ahhing. I love a drink, you see

  • Not this year. No commentating either, which I am more disappointed about.

  • Not me neither. Still on-and-off with a niggly knee (taking over from the niggly foot). I'd really like to be fit around that time in order to help defend our Southern Vets road relay title. (I'm the only ever-present team member for five years' titles on the trot). But I'm not committing to Ladywell and have provisionally volunteered for another pacing job, obviously subject to shaking off ongoing niggles.

  • No @juanito commentary, no point in going

    I'll sit on the fence for a bit longer. I'm not running that we'll at the minute.

    I am a bit tempted to defend my race 1 crown though

  • So my first mountain marathon is complete and I really really enjoyed it. We entered the Wansfell class, the simplest class, which meant a total of about 20 miles and 2000m ascent over the two days.

    We arrived late at the event centre due to Virgin trains, which was a blessing in disguise as we avoided a night with the sportident dibber attached to our wrist. Thanks to @sifriday we had a large tent to leave at the base camp.

    Saturday went well. Conditions on the Howgills were amazing, possibly too hot at times but it meant navigation was easy. We managed to find all of the controls apart from the penultimate one, a stream, relatively quickly. Despite the fact we were fast walking (fastpacking?) most of the day we completed it in just under 4 hours, which meant we got to the overnight camp nice and early.

    The overnight camp was very good; we enjoyed a dip in the river followed by a couple of drinks watching the other competitors arrive in various states of fatigue. The most notable feature after an interrupted night of sleep was the midges in the morning - they were everywhere. We also pitched our tent in the wrong place as we were a little too close to the slamming doors of portaloos.

    The second day we had an 7.15 chasing start as we were leading our category. We knew that if no-one overtook us we would win. The first checkpoint was the only one we had genuine route choice decisions to make and we ended up taking the longer but more runnable route. After that it was a case of following a ridge path, following a valley path, getting a bearing from a cairn to a sheepfold and then straightlining it back to the final check. We were second off the fell and the first in our category.

    During kit check the marshall was laughing at our equipment selection and suggested we could have gone considerably more lightweight and less bulky on many items.

    Got a nice photo with endurance legend Nicky Spinks to celebrate our Wansfell victory. We will definitely be back for more and a more challenging course in the future.

    It was less boring than road running.

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  • Yeah that sounds great, good work

  • Longish read. Interesting(? I can't think of the right word) to be aware of & a subject that is very hard to approach / discuss with others.­categorized/therecoveryineeded/

  • Yes I prefer running on lumpy sand with my chiselled edged trainers.

    Did not click link.

  • there was some spam that has since been deleted

  • What ^ said!

  • Not sure where it came from but 17.10 chip time at Sizzler 5k tonight.

    Nearly missed the start as the 5 min warning gun went so I headed off to run another track lap to get my hr back up, only to find everyone poised to go fingers on garmins eyes on starter appx 2mins later as I was 50m away and my watch showing 7.27, start usually 7.30pm. Played it cool (Rodney), jogged it in and stepped into row 3 with polite apologies just as the gun went. Perfect position for me so chased a couple of guys for 4km before fading, lost only 2 places so not bad.

    I'd written off this year's 5ks pretty much as the break needed after EfGB was longer than expected, so this was a very nice surprise.

    Another go in 2 weeks all being well.

  • Well done! I know someone who ran in that, 17.23 I think

    Another well done for beating him too - he used to run for East London Runners. Have a third well done

  • Cheers! Is he a Chorlton Runner now?

  • Just looked him up on power of 10, and yes he is

  • Good effort.

    Training is over-rated?

  • Training update:
    ran yesterday, only 2.8 miles. Supposed to be training for the GNR but jesus suffering fu@# it was hot. Post run shower at work did nowt.
    Current max distance for this is about 8 miles so confident i'll be at 10 buy august ish.

  • Likely we'll joust at xc league then!

  • Training is over-rated?


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