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  • If you want to watch pain then vincosport have fast Friday from walthamstow on tonight. There are a number of 10000 and 5000 races, including england athletics men and women's championships.

  • thanks, I enjoyed watching that

  • No takers for this? It really is a nice little book/zine. I'm happy to open the offer up to everyone.

    Dear all, anyone interested in a free copy of Issue 1 of Run For Your Life? I will post for free to you, UK addresses only. I would also prefer to pass it on to someone who has only been running for four months or less, as it's a nice mag/zine with inspirational interviews of normal people (i.e. not athletes) who got/fell into running for various reasons.

    If you're interested, dibs for it on here, and then PM me your full name & address.

  • I’d love that, will dm you


  • Can’t win a race; but can still podium at the wrestling at least!

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  • Any runners out there with high arches got recommendations for shoes? I'm using some old Nike Lunar's but they're wearing out and they've stopped making them so can't just buy the same again.

  • I’ve high arches - had some problems a few years back and started using Sole insoles if the heat-mouldable type. They work well in any shoe.

    I’ve worked on strength and flexibility which seems to have paid off so use them less now, but I’d recommend them over choosing a specific shoe.

  • OK, who wants my last Mapei vest? @_Leon @rhb ?

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  • Tempting!

  • Good idea, thanks. I'm using some Sidas insoles in some other shoes and aren't that impressed for £30 but mouldable ones sounds better.

  • Do you mind me asking, what particular muscles /areas you focused on strength and flexibility? i.e. glutes i guess?
    Having similar problem, always have but has been much worse recently.

    Saw this article too:­rs-gait-not-shoes/

  • I basically stopped running after my half, which was refreshing. Unsurprisingly the itch has come back so am back at it. Am going to try and keep running times to below an hour and work on going up to 10k faster.
    -20 min 5k
    -45 min 10k
    -Have fun doing the above

  • This a very vague question, but what kind of 5km time would you expect from someone running a 40 minute 10km? I seem to remember someone mentioning a formula of %5 for doubling the distance. No idea if that’s right, but 19 min 5km for a 40 min 10km seems like a reasonable conversion.

  • Finger in the air estimate of 18:30-18:45

  • I ran 40.03 at the London 10000 and 5k last week of 19 dead

    Your calculations have some anecdotal evidence

  • Any last minute forum tips for running a 24hr lapped race? Got Endure 24 this weekend. Feeling a bit unprepared as I haven't done as much running since London Marathon as I'd hoped (took a break, then got wiped out for two weeks by flu, then too close to event for any real running).

    Current game plan is something like:
    *no sleep
    *4 sets of clothes/shoes in case weather is as bad as forecast, take towel for quick changing without faffing back at tent (hopefully only one/no change required)
    *Eat & drink something every lap
    *Aim for one lap (5 miles) an hour, walk uphill bits
    *Hopefully hit 100 miles
    *Don't die

  • Last step on that list should be:

  • I have literally no idea, but good luck you nutter.

  • Thanks, had Beastie Boys in my head all afternoon!

  • I think single leg bent knee calf raises was the key for me to solve arch/ foot problems. I was doing them to get over some calf problems, but a side effect was to strengthen my feet

  • I have pain on the inside right ankle, just above the ankle. My suspicion is that it is Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction, but I can do a heel lift standing on just the right foot so maybe not.

    The history is slightly complex. I started running again in January of this year, wearing Adidas ultra boosts. After 3-4 weeks building volume I developed the pain and stopped running as a result, then rested for around 3 months (mainly swimming instead).

    I then started running again in some old Asics Fast Noosas I had for triathlon. I built volume without any pain, but one day I forgot the Asics and out of stupidity went for a run in the Ultra Boosts, then immediately experienced pain again. As I have entered a triathlon end of July I didn’t completely rest the ankle, and now I experience pain in the ankle after each run that subsides over around a week. I bought some more supportive shoes yesterday (ASICS GT 1000), and after running in them pain is slightly less, but still there.

    Any suggestions that it could be anything other than Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction? I know I need to see a physio to diagnose properly

  • Depends what your programme is and how many times a week you can get to the gym.

    I split my sessions in two, focussed on the posterior chain - rather than fit it all into one day. I don’t want to feel fucked the day after as usually I will have to go for a run that day.

    I’d find a coach online and explain to them your schedule and see what they would recommend - tweak it as you see what works for you.

  • Go and see a sports physio as soon as possible dude.
    You want to get what it is likely to be confirmed, how to manage/improve the situation and start working on that if you have a tri in 6 weeks


    8/10 on the dotwatching. Potentially rising to 10.

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