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  • Up college road, up Syd hill path, down, up college road, up rock hill, down westwood, up kirkdale, down Eliot bank, along, up forest hill road, left turn up canonbie.

  • Like this?
    I added in a loop round the woods to avoid doubling back

  • Yeah that'd do it. Something like that.

  • Didn't run in this morning as the pavements looked like a bit of a gamble; don't want to fuck up marathon training with a silly injury.

    Will go for a nice 10k trail run tomorrow morning through Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common to make up for it, and a 15k walk with Mrs GB later in the day. I'll probably also shuffle my Sunday long run (15k) to Monday.

  • Track was icy, even with spikes we ran on infield instead.

    Chasing a faster runner (mid 16's 5k) knowing it would blow my session, unsurprisingly blew my session apart, looks nicely regressive on the chart.

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  • Aye, I took it up in my 20s, all the locals had been doing it since they could walk! Good craic tho.

  • Feeling pretty blasted after a couple intense days at work, finished off with a stressful 2 hours on the motorway in a blizzard.
    I’m sure I’ll feel fine in the morning, but I can’t lie and say I’m excited at the prospect of 20 miles in the snow.

  • Hopefully purchasing some new shoes today, in anticipation of my first "proper" run (i.e. longer than 2.6 mile round trip to the gym) in three weeks tomorrow. Braved the slushy roads today for a 28 mile ride to tick over. Downe Village looks nice, toes a bit numb though.

  • Woke up feeling crap. Went to Hebden Bridge for the race anyway. Bluebird conditions! Set off really steady and glad I did, finishing relatively strongly. Really happy overall. 92/200 I think. 3.47 dibber time.

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  • Looks ace !

  • That looks brilliant.

    It hasn't been a great week running wise here, lots of work, not much sleep and no consistent running. I think it was @doubleodavey who warned about this. went to Osterley parkrun this morning. I didn't Strava it as the lack of miles on strava this was stressing me out, which is ridiculous.

    Hope the run goes ok tomorrow @PhilPub and fingers crossed for the results next week.

    I've also signed up to the entry level Saunders Mountain Marathon in July - anyone done one before?

  • Agreed - that looks stunning, more like central asian steppe than oop north!

  • I agree with this comment on big city marathons. They are about the only thing people who don't like running 'get' though. The time, effort and training to enjoy one is more than most people can commit.

  • Bluebird conditions

    Loving that description. Similar where I was (minus the snow) this morning but I blew off a run for a walk instead cos I have no motivation atm. Regretted it when I got home (but enjoyed the walk at least!)

  • In case you were wondering, twin one woke up once to do a poo, again the be sick, another time to be sick. Twin two excited about the action, then they both woke up separately to ask 'what time is it is' every hour after that. 6 yr old moaned about not being able to sleep by groaning every second or so.

    Bad night in the doubleohouse. Running at 8.30 this morning was a very welcome relief.

    Kids, they fuck you up

  • first night run last night. I bought a head torch each for the three of us (me, gf, small human) in preparation for the gruelling 3k. Then the snow hit. Now i regularly dealt with a couple of feet of snow in the winter and will happily slalom my car about to get stuff done so nothing amuses me more than the two inches of snow that shuts down england. Even i was looking at -7 temperatures and thinking maybe taking a 11yr old to the coast at night for a run may be a bit daft.

    They cancelled the run so i dodged that bullet but its rescheduled to the 14th feb and since the kid isnt with us my gf has volunteered us to do the longer 7k. Dammit.

  • I’ve ran for the first time since buying my 735XT, what does this say about me? Should I feel bad? Why is it telling me this?

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  • It is telling you this because it is lonely.

    Mine loves telling me to MOVE, even if it is only half an hour after I've run nine miles.

  • From what I’ve read 180spm is a good “optimal” cadence for most people.

    As with cycling there seems to be relatively little information about l/r balance but it can be informative in injury recovery. You are easily within the well balanced range, but my gf’s physio was a bit concerned when she was 53/47 with a persistent glute injury.

    I think everything else probably stems from those metrics and pace?

    No idea how it decides when to shout “move”... it annoys my gf too.

  • No idea how it decides when to shout “move”... it annoys my gf too.

    1 hr of low/no movement.

  • 49.9% L / 50.1% R... Oh how I'd laugh if there was a 2nd referendum and this was the result. There'd be civil war! :-)

    Re: ideal cadence, from what I've understood this can be a very personal thing. Sure, the average individual may see their cadence increase as running efficiency improves but I don't think there's anything particularly good or bad about 170 vs 180 vs 190. It could be interesting to monitor any differences over time but I don't think it'll tell you much about deliberately trying to change it.

    OK, I lied about the test run. I didn't get round to purchasing any new shoes yesterday and on reflection decided that I might as well wait a few days (hopefully) till I get some news from the MRI scan in case this gives me fresh info to act upon. The doc suggested that one course of action might be some insoles, so it's probably rash to buy new shoes before knowing whether other steps are recommended. Besides, it was a lovely day for another bike ride if you dodged the icy patches.

  • I only seem to manage 160+ cadence if I'm running fast, under 4 mins/km. Anything less and I'm in the 150s. I have long legs though.

    I don't know if it's really relevant to me (or anyone), but this table suggests that a 190cm person running at 4:21/km has an ideal stride length of 145cm. That does imply quite a low cadence, doesn't it? I'm 193cm, and looking at the data from a run at around that speed, my stride was 143cm, cadence only 155

  • I wouldn't worry too much about cadence lengths etc. Run as fast or slow, hard or easy as you can and enjoy it.

  • I really hope he wasn't in the scoring six.

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