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  • I went to see Lewisham Foot Health yesterday, it was very interesting.

    In brief: I strike correctly with my left foot/ankle/leg, whereas with my right I strike at an angle and roll through the mid-foot, and then as my foot comes off the deck my whole lower leg whips round to straight again. Also, my right glute is doing basically nothing - it's maybe 25% of the strength of my left.

    Finally, after one look at my flipper like feet the chap recommended Altra shoes - anyone else using them?

    I've got a bunch of exercises to re-aim my right foot, but I'm thinking that sub-21 5k was as good as this year is going to get, and the sub-20 is sadly for next year now.

  • Altra are quite low drop aren’t they?

  • I do not know, it's due to the width that the chap recommended them.

    That said, I find my current Adidas really comfortable, but will probably try some Altra next.

  • First run in over a month with no knee pain. Looks like the stretching and strengthening exercises are working. ✌️✌️

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  • Do you have a link for the exercises you are doing?

  • I would try and transition slowly to Altra if the heel-to-toe offset really is as little as I’m thinking. Start with very short runs and work on calf strengthening. You might be able to get insoles which allow a more forgiving drop and so don’t kill your achilles/calves

  • I tried altras, and I also have very flat feet.
    Funnily enough, they also came recommended by a podiatrist. They are very wide in the toe box. I didn't get on well with that.

    I have flat, wide, feet, but they are wide right underneath of the ankle, and narrow at the toe, so for me my feet moved around too much in the altra.

    Does anyone use knee supports? I've tried a neo g strap one and, but it keeps slipping down when running. This is the same for tubular knee supports I've tried. I get a bit of lateral movement in my knee when running.

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    I can't do squats because of knee seizing after a few sets.

  • My feet are very wide across the forefoot, I think my heel is fairly standard.

  • Altras could be for you then.

    I really like the idea of them, unfortunately they didn't work for me.

  • Came here to post that, hilarious!

    @DenGlanzig chuffed you're back out

  • I surprised myself today my "winning" the local santa run! I was hoping for a sub-20 5k but came in just under 21mins. Not bad for a distance I never race over a course with a decent amount of soft tussocky grass.
    Splits of 5:45 (-104'), 7:14 (+51') and 7:31 (+55') per mile show I need to work on my pacing!

  • Have you seen the CR's Yule Yomp edit?

    P.s. @DenGlanzig ditto good you're back on it.

    @Arducius congrats!

  • Hey all, thanks for the encouragement earlier up the thread.

    I am going to try and get out tomorrow night. Going on the scales this evening was the straw.

  • Amazing. Yule Yomp was tentatively in mine/my gfs calendar but never solidified there

  • Another race up in Northumberland yesterday - Simonside Cairns. Unbelievable weather, clear skies and only a touch of wind. Had a good run but had to dodge off before I could see the results. Starting to feel like I'm getting some race form/fitness back.

  • LFGSS hive mind, I’ve entered the Berlin Marathon next year. I’d like to run as close to 3:30 as possible. Anyone have a good training programme or tips?

    For reference I run 30-40km per week currently (2-4 runs) and 10km Pb of 43:30


  • Run more! :-)

    Two of my favourite sources for training schedules are Hal Higdon's online plans and Pfitzinger & Douglas "Advanced Marathoning". Both have different level schedules depending on experience and/or mileage. How much "quality" running are you used to? If you're comfortable with regular interval training, P&D plans are really useful. However if most of your running is easy pace/less structured you might find it easier to follow a HH plan, and tweak it as you go along.

    You've got plenty of time to play with, however it's never too soon to start building up, with a specific eye towards the plan you're going to follow. So if the plan has you starting on 50k per week, get used to some 50k weeks (or more), perhaps building up to a target HM in the Spring. Having an intermediate target race will help with focusing training, rather than feeling like you're building up to something 9 months away.

    I've run my two fastest times at Berlin. Bloody great race!

  • Thanks I’ll check both of those out. Which out the HH plans do you think I should go with?

    Current running is mostly about getting miles in - one or two hilly runs per week (race pace), one long run (tempo) and one speed session on track or intervals.

    Plan is to do a HM in early summer

  • If you're already doing hills and intervals then Advanced 1 (one "speed" session per week), or even Advanced 2 (2 x speed sessions per week). To be honest, you can use either one as a template and guide to building up the volume, and just tweak either way according to how you're feeling, e.g. I see that Advanced 2 has a couple of proper sessions midweek, but then often the weekend has a longish run at "race pace" on the Saturday, and the Sunday long run. I think these sessions actually work well back-to-back because you get used to running your long run on tired legs... BUT it might be a bit much if you're tired from the week. So maybe Advanced 1 to begin with and see how you get on. Being able to build up the long run mileage is a lot more important than getting your rep times down.

  • I think it might be time to retire my racing flats (Hyperions). You've got these, haven't you, @juanito? How old are yours?

    I've just ticked over the 600k mark in them (not the one pictured), which was the arbitrary lifespan I gave them. Superficially they're not looking too shabby, even held up against a new pair I have on standby; but they fail certain tests:

    1. They wobble laterally a bit when placed flat on the ground (without my feet in them).
    2. I think they're starting to feel a little wooden (not that there's much midsole to compress in a racing flat).
    3. The past few occasions I've worn them, my achilles tendinosis has been aggravated (though all manner of things set it off).

    Seeing as I have another pair, the sensible thing would be to try them out. No perceivable difference walking around indoors, but that counts for shit really.

    Anyone else have experience of racing flats and their longevity?

  • Anyone else have experience of racing flats and their longevity?

    All I know is that Nike Mayfly were rated for just 100km bitd. #nohelpwhatsoever

    Your comments sound about right for how I measure end of life in any of my trainers.

  • Sniff, my first racing flats. Sometimes you have to let them go…

    Can't complain about 1p/km. Checkout my carbon footprint, eh.

  • I've got 44o miles in my Adidas Boston Boost. Not sure if they count as "flats" as such, or that they're quite as springy as they once were, but I still happily use them for tempo runs and minor races. I think the Boost foam seems to have pretty good longevity.

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