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  • Feel cheated about never having had hallucinations, especially when everyone around you is getting them. My strongly feminist friend has very domestic hallucinations, and showed me non-existent ironing boards, rows of milk bottles and freshly set dining tables in the forest in the middle of the night. She finds it very embarrassing.

  • I didn't actually look up costs of units before writing that post, it's just an assumption. But it's a lot for something I might only use once. They do offer the option of hiring one though so if I sign up I'll probably go for that option.

  • Hollon's training is almost as gruelling as the races themselves. He usually wakes up between five and seven in the morning.

    All this time and I never knew I was training like the pros already!

  • A clubmate ended up nudging rocks with his feet while finishing the Bob Graham as he wanted to be sure the faces they were pulling weren't real.
    He had done the Fred Whitton route and swum 7k before starting BGR. Apparently a normal Ironman distance wasn't enough. /csb

  • Is your mate Simon from GT?

  • That's the one

  • That was his 50th birthday present to himself, which was pretty brilliant.

  • kinder downfall fell race is full, Real.­?EventID=1685

  • You there?

    Gritstone Trail solo recce this Saturday, feeling better for a week away from training.

  • Shoe advice

    I use mizuno hitogamas for shorter, faster runs and intervals - they feel like a race shoe (to me) with just a little cushioning and they're great for speed but I find they beat me up if I'm tired.
    So I also have some Hoka Cliftons for slower runs - they're the opposite, being massively cushioned.

    I like the cliftons but I find I run a bit "ploddy" in them, and I think they wear-out strangely in that the foam goes hard in places or something (rather than obvious wear on the outside)

    So I want to try something in between the two - a neutral, medium cushioned shoe. Thinking about the Kinvara, Pureflow or maybe the On Clouds. All of these get both positive and negative reviews, so just looking for opinions/ recommendations for this kind of thing.

    FWIW I find trying shoes on in a shop and running up and down the street pretty useless as an indicator of whether I'll like them or not (useful for checking size though), so its usually just a case of buying and finding out after a few good runs

  • What size are you?

  • I have a new pair of UK9 (EU44) and used* pair of UK9.5 (EU45) Kinvaras I'd be happy to sell if you don't want to splash out on the stupid RRP.

    *Strava says ~150miles

  • Also, Saucony Fastwitch are good too. Same drop and similar cushioning to Kinvara, but lighter overall and with a full rubber sole. Can usually pick them up for ~£50 online.

  • thanks - I just did 5 miles in a colleague's kinvaras (44.5s). Pretty happy with them, felt comfortable for two 6min/mile miles and cushioned enough for a slow recovery mile between. I'll likely just get myself a new pair of these - can get them for £65 it seems

    The fastwitchs look very like the hitogamis - race shoe with a little cushioning!

  • I currently have the saucony swerve for my long stuff, it's soft but very comfy and seems to offer some good feedback, despite being quite 'entry level'. Seem softer than my wave riders I had before but not overly so, I've always preferred harder shoes. Never ran in hokas so not sure how soft it is in comparison though. I'd second the fastwitch being a race only shoe, mine are very hard, wouldn't want to wear them much over 10k.

  • No dots to watch, just folks getting lost in the woods so #bm100 worth tuning into on Twitter this weekend for updates. @keithdunn account looks like it'll tweet alot from the camp.

  • Not run since Monday, knee has gone bad fast. Been resting and icing, got a race next Saturday I need to be fit for. Always the way.

  • Am quite pleased with my kinvaras, did 5 miles at marathon pace on Wednesday and 10 this morning and while they'd I feel very different to my training shoe (inov8 road x 255) the ride is a lot more cushioned and they feel like a nice mix of my half marathon shoe and something for plodddingn about in all day, hopefully perfect for 3 hours. They'll go back in the box until race day now to keep them fresh!

    This mornings run felt pretty comfy until the last km which is a 50m climb in about 500m where the old heart rate shot up and I got a bit ragged! Lots of pbs on Strava and a few top 10s so must be doing something right!

  • Sdw next Saturday for me, but slight soreness in my calf and ankle. I'll swap today's 20k for a couple of hours gentle riding and have a day off tomorrow.

  • Am quite pleased with my kinvaras

    Good idea to box them away - you'll burn through the sole quickly if you're a definite forefoot striker like myself.

  • Gritstone Trail done. Was a bit of a slow muddy slog and doesn't avoid any of the hills. It's recorded in 3 parts on Strava (Anker Powercore mini is great) so should be visible in the lfgss tri group I think if anyone is interested in the route/elevation etc.

    Feeling ok for having done it, washed it down after with chocomilk and a session ipa.

    More interesting for me will be how I feel tomorrow and Monday. Currently stuck at Stockport bus station getting cold which isn't ideal.

  • Great work!

    Last long run done, the last few long runs I've done I've got nutrition and hydration a bit wrong and felt the last few km were a real slog, not ideal when they are done pretty slow, so paid attention to eating drinking and started a bit slower than planned and just ticked off the distance, was still feeling great at 31k so did 1k at race pace and called it a day. All downhill from here!

  • Nice one, sounds like you're good to Taper!

    Day spent giving out Erdinger Free to finishers at Manchester, great conditions for running was semi thinking I could've mooched around after yesterday. Legs tired but not wrecked.

  • So.....
    It's not much but I've got my 5km (wooh big numbers!) at 21:34. I can sort of plod a 10k in 50ish.
    I don't want to do more than that distance, i like parkrun (yes i know. Sportives of running). I don't want to do a load of charity events. Are there hilly runs, i mean. I live in Sydenham. There's a hill everywhere.

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