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  • That's where I have been going wrong!

  • yeah baby grass roots X

    I got 3rd of 66th in night league

  • I haz a spare (free) space on the following if anyone's interested:

    The Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon – Sheffield – Sunday 12th April 2015

    I don't know how it all works but I guess I can just post on my race number etc. if anyone wanted it.

  • Regrettably I’m unable to compete in the Silverstone Half this Sunday, which means my place (and coach seat) is available. If anybody wants to enter, or knows anybody else that does, let me know, and I’ll give you my race number and chip.

    Gutted, because it looks like a top day.

    Knee injury and cold to blame.

  • That's the part of Cumbria I'm from. I think my mum knows Joss but I'm not sure. I rarely get home sick for the place but that has made me a little emotional.

    I grew up in Muncaster on the more ruggered, more beautiful, quieter west side of the fells. I pretty sure that this was filmed around Wastwater and Wasdale Head, about 10 miles from Muncaster.

  • anyone doing the Kingston Breakfast Run on Sunday - I'm there pacing the 7 minute mile 16 mile group - if you're about say hi!

  • Nice one.

  • Not far from Fred Whitton territory, would be great to live up that way for the running & riding.

  • park run, 23.22 beat last week by 36 seconds and thats three weeks in a row, the cast comes off my thumb next week so I can start hockey again. Though I think ill resume the park runs at the end of the season.

  • 16.2 miles in 1:52:33 so I can retry much dead on the target 7 minute miles, not going to say I wasn't working by but it felt comfortable throughout, with a couple of slightly longer runs I reckon a 3:15 marathon is within my capability and still be able to train afterwards!­263

  • Well I was due a bad one and it arrived today :) San Domenico 20 miler, the only positives are that I manged to un-chick myself in the final mile and my wife won her age group.

    Just to rub salt into the wound my Garmin is refusing to upload it, probably in shame :)

    I think I did 2:23:30 ish, I wanted 2:20 but felt crap from the start. My own fault for having a lazy, lazy weeks training, lesson learned if nothing else I guess :)

  • Crap that a club is getting slated after the runner was given every opportunity to start the race early, the decision is probably down to the police more than them anyway.

  • I think the club is getting slated more for the way it's handled the situation, rather then asking the lady to stop.

  • i go there for bmx :) is not that bad...

  • Hello Tika you would like this place you always was a pirate.

  • 12k commute in. Slowish (5:51/km) but not too bad given I've slacked off recently and my HR was relatively low (4 days exercising at 1600m to 2800m helps).

    Extended run in commute (to HM distance) planned for mid May. Getting down to sub 80kg by then will help.

  • So I've seen a few articles extoling the virtues of a split longer run, I've got a 2hrs 10 run in the plan for tomorrow (as well as a 3.2k swim!!) I'm really tempted to run from the pool to the office (15km) then run home at the end of the day (about 13km) which would probably be about 2hrs 20 so acceptable distance wise but am I losing the value of the long run by doing this?

  • I'd imagine a split helps in terms of volume of quality miles as you run a high number of miles slightly more rested but if you're training for an endurance event you're not acclimatising your body to the continuous activity you'll be putting it through.

    that said my short-long runs could be seen as a more extreme version of the split long runs as you recover overnight covering a high volume of mileage spread across a number of days rather than put your body through it at once with a continuous effort.

    I'd say ultimately it probably doesn't make a huge world of difference.

  • 20 miles in 5 hours? 4mph is a brisk stroll, surely, rather than a running pace. I'm the world's crappest runner, but even I manage to lurch, wheeze and shamble along faster than that.

  • I'm going to start a new sport of extreme walking, it'll allow people like Netty to enjoy mass start events without upsetting the srs runners, and will eliminate 75% of the entrants to the London marathon who are doing to kick start their midlife/quarterlife/thirdlife crisis healthkick in a more sustainable way that wont damage their knees and still get them the respect of friends and colleagues... allowing me to get a place in the ballot next year!

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