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  • Vaughan > Boycott. He can be over the top, but putting him on that rung is unfair.

    Dont really like Mcgrath, not particularly insightful. Really liked Allison Mitchell and Johnson.

  • My two penn'orth:

    Norcross is a self-satisfied cunt who could possibly be entertaining if he dialled it back by a significant amount.

    Tailenders is genuinely brilliant, not trying to be cerebral, but well put-together with real chemistry between the hosts.

    The ESPN switch-hit podcast is excellent because Mark Butcher.

  • I read that Gower and Botham are finishing with Sky at the end of the final test at the Oval. I can’t say I’ve heard much of them but the were cricketing hero’s of mine when cricket was my thing. Time just moves on I guess. Rob Key is lined up and I remember meeting him at Beckenham cricket club as he was breaking into the big time.

  • TMS is a microcosm of the BBC’s wider issues with attempting to get a diverse but balanced range of voices on its programmes.

    It’s very hard to break up the boys’ club vibe and stay relevant with fans.

    It doesn’t help that there are some big egos (I count Vaughan among them) and lots of people who have become caricatures to further other work (Tufnell etc).

    Agnew is the voice of TMS but appreciate he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Australia win toss, decide to bowl.

    England need to put on a show today, save a little face and not lose the series

  • Paine is a madman; always a bat first deck

  • cummins is outstanding, denly less so

  • love to see root go for a golden

  • This is a last day of school vibe from Australia

  • clearly - marsh is playing

  • 50-1. What a time to be alive.

  • Denly is just not a test batsman.

    One big flash outside off stump that he got away with should have been enough warning. Then he does it again and nicks it. Poor

  • 27-0 was the highest opening stand of the series.


  • someone has hijacked marsh's wiki:

    "Mitch should have played AFL but instead decided cricket would be a better option not because of his skill but because his daddy had pull, Mitch now travels the world scores very few runs and he’s rewarded handsomely for it , when you think of the term “reward for effort” mitch marsh should never come to mind"

  • ben stokes - fucking failed again! that's three in a row. he has to be sacked and we can get in some 19 year old from wiltshire seconds...

    am i doing it right?

  • this is why I think cricket's not a sport. How can you go from being brilliant to shit to brilliant to shit in four consecutive matches. it appears to be pure fluke

  • Great players won't get out to nothing balls.

    But great balls will often get out great players.

    The difference between Smith and Stokes is the consistency of concentration and application.

    Stokes showed he could apply himself when absolutely necessary in that innings to win the game at Headingley. However he's also thrown away his wicket too many times chasing wide balls that could just have been left alone.

    Smith, on the other hand, has only really fucked up once and that was when he was possibly concussed and planted his foot and left a ball that was plumb LBW.

    Cricket isn't a team sport but a collection of people playing as individuals.

  • root cleansed again. what a ball.

  • here comes the player england fans has begged for...did play well last year mind

  • lol, 6 off cummins!

  • And gone.

  • reprieve! dramaz. curran is going to have to concentrate to survive though

  • fucken hell

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