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  • Sure, but they won't name the starting XI until before the toss on Thursday. Still time for Roy/Curran swap. I doubt they'll bring in Woakes for anyone.

  • I would like to see the skippies rest Lyon and let all four quicks go at the poms. Lasagna and Smith to chuck a few pies if needed

  • Lyon's bowling hasn't been ending many careers.

    Between Edgbaston and the 2nd innings at Old Trafford he was 5-375. Even if you include the 2nd innings at OT it's still 7-426.

  • Would be interesting, probably wouldn't do much for the already diabolical over rate though!

  • Teresa May on TMS?
    Here's the payoff.

  • Keen to go the Oval for one of the days - probably Thursday or Friday. Does anyone have any tips or is it just not going to happen unless we shell out the £££?

  • Give Surrey's ticketing number a call, see if they have any returns.

    I have tickets for Day 3/5, can't say I'm looking forward to it...

  • a resignation honours list ?

  • I've never really warmed to Geoffrey Boycott on TMS - I think he's occasionally interesting but often just too moany and tiresome.

    I didn't know about any of this though:­019/sep/10/geoffrey-boycott-theresa-may-­knighthood

    With this, Aggers'"cunt" tweets and Vaughan's support for Trump, they're quite an odd and unsavoury bunch in the commentary box.

  • Vaughan's support for Trump??

  • have tickets for Day 3/5, can't say I'm looking forward to it...

    If you want to get rid of the Monday tickets, drop me a PM?

  • Vaughan is a prize arse. Hero-worshipping Boycott and trying to be boorish and controversial rather than insightful. Surprising how little some former international captains can add to the commentary.­­rced-backtrack-after-13727558.amp

  • Vaughan talks mostly about himself (although not as half as bad as bloody Swann).

    Tuffers is good, he doesn't initiate any stories about himself and usually deflects any probing in a self-deprecating manner.

    Am liking some of the Australians on TMS. Mitchell Johnson, McGrath-ish and Jim Maxwell. Comes to something when they're winning the commentry/summarising too.

  • TMS is unlistenable. I’m a bit disappointed to missed out on hearing what Johnson has to say, as apparently he’s been great, those up ^there are weapons grade fuckwits. Even the banter is gash.

    Sky has been excellent. Warne talks a bit of dross, and bumble’s voice is annoying, but ponting, isa, gower, etc are good.

    Whispering Death is the man.

  • Whispering Death is the man.


  • Hmm, I'll see how tomorrow/Friday pan out and let you know? £25 in the members area FYI...

  • Not sure about the selection policy regarding Overton.

    I don't think he should have been picked ahead of Woakes but surely deserves more than a single game?

  • Whispering Death is the man

    Well, obviously. Otherwise, I don't think TMS is that bad.

    Boycott and Vaughan, borderline unlistenable.
    Daggers, Isa Guha, Alison Mitchell, Simon Mann, McGrath - all good.
    Tufnell - can be ok, but spends most of the time channeling Frankie Howerd for some weird reason.
    Aggers - an awful Tory cunt, but still a very good commentator.
    Johnson - started v nervously, improving quickly.
    Jimmy Anderson - if anyone has a criticism of Jimmy, I will fight you.
    Jim Maxwell - loving Jim, esp his enthusiasm for the Shipping Forecast - he's great.
    Jeremy Coney - has he been doing the Ashes, or am I just remembering him from the WC? Either way, like him.
    Like the scorer guy, but preferred Zaltzmann at the WC.

  • Also, Tailenders and the Tuffers and Vaughan Show are shite.

  • Like the scorer guy, but preferred Zaltzmann at the WC.

    Andrew Samson.

    Loved his proper pronunciation of Labuschagne.

  • Labu skugh knee.

    Andrew Samson, a worthy successor to the bearded wonder

  • Tailenders is a great laugh. Best one is The Grade Cricketer though, and Stuart Broad and Stephen Fry's broadcast has been quite interesting

  • Ebony Rainford-Brent is very listenable, gives some good insight in a quite understated way.
    Alistair Cook's been incredibly Alistair Cook.

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