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  • More likely - Archer to be overbowled trying to keep the Aussie lead to under 400 and miss the rest of the Ashes with an injury.

  • @c00ps hahaha.
    Hazlwood bowling not just well but to do it for all but 1 over is impressive. All the pundits saying Root shouldn't have to come in so early against a new ball... It happens... And he should be able to do a better imo

    Will they actually rejig the order for the next test?

  • This on the Guardian blog answers the question of the function of Openers compared to other batters neatly

    What is one looking for in an opener as opposed to a five or six? I
    guess I have a rather simplistic understanding of the game. Thanks in
    advance if you can shed some light for the less clued-in cricket fans
    amongst us.”

    If the proper badgers will forgive a quick recap, then sure thing.
    Basically opening the batting is the hardest job, because the bowlers
    are fresh and the ball is new. This means that it is more likely to
    swing, because the lacquer is still on the ball. It is more likely to
    move off the seam, because the seam is new and hard. And it’s more
    likely to bounce higher, because the ball is hard. As the ball gets
    softer, it usually does less for the bowler. So an opener’s main job
    is to survive, but some openers can be counter-attacking and throw the
    bowlers into disarray by scoring quickly against the new ball.

    Batsmen at around four and five are supposed to be the long innings
    players who you build around, then six and seven can either save a
    tough situation, or attack from a strong position, and can bat with
    the tailenders effectively.

  • Chris woakes has the best batting average for England, maybe try him at 3? He at least looks like he is actually trying to stay in while Root appears to have given up.

    Why do the selectors not drop a few batsmen and call in some county players, tell them to do their best to stay in as long as possible and see what happens. Frankly picking some random players from the crowd would probably see a better return than Roy, Denley, Root and Butler. You could do a lottery with a spotlight, at least it would be entertaining, score over 10 and you are guaranteed a spot in the next test.

  • You are fucking kidding me

  • Fuck. Right. Off.

  • no ball?

    [EDIT] No.

  • This is depressing

  • Also if you're around White City BBC Complex, big screen ashes if you can bear it

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  • Christ

  • utter madness

  • ...that's if we don't chuck you in to bat again!

  • jesus

  • Go on Jofra.

  • I just can't understand why we're playing at all these balls. Stokes, Woakes and others just wafting at stuff like we've only got three overs left to win the game.


  • ...that's if we don't chuck you in to bat again!

    You would have needed to bowl us out for -21 to enforce the follow on.

  • *sigh* 8

  • No words. I'm off for a beer.

  • lol

  • And another - a soft shot straight to the man.

  • jesus

  • 3 or 4 root would still have been in plenty early enough with out batting.

  • They should pull 11 out of the crowd and give them a bat, wouldn't do any worse

  • This is embarrassing, england in the 90s would be ashamed

  • I literally just texted @J0nathan that this is bringing back memories of growing up in the 90s. Hiding behind the sofa on school holidays watching us get skittled for beans

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