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  • It had crossed my mind, although we have a very small courtyard garden and if it’s nice she’ll probably want to be doing some gardening or something.

  • Girly gardening would be weeding, thinning out and delicate planting (as opposed to man gardening involving loud power tools)?

  • girly gardening... Hmmm... Quick stealth edit in order here, I think?

    You could offer to help gardening and muck in during the time between overs and between innings? Then everyone's a winner.

  • Nonsense, he should recline on a sun lounger drinking good English beer (like Stella Artois), shouting at the television. Time between overs should be spent criticising her efforts. THAT'S proper male behaviour!

  • Lads, lads, lads... or something.

  • Has everyone had an irony bypass today or something?

  • I've just listened to podcasts pretty much analysing the destruction of Australia. Feels pretty good. Just gonna chill at my girlfriend's and watch it, thankfully she has shared some of the emotional investment from the start...

  • Just call me Alanis

  • Your a Lanis.

  • Fuckit - just lost our tickets for Sunday. The guy who was giving them to us owned them with his cousin, who'd put his one on St*bH*b without him knowing.


  • I'll watch it at home with my cricket mad daughter, and second screening Wimbledon whilst that's on.

    My wife, however, will be at Lord's as a guest of the ICC.

  • My buddy at Lord's came back to me just now - "Yeah, there's a couple... at £450+"


    I believe it might be a seller's market.

  • Irony? Is that like brassy or steely?

  • God, no. Brass and steel are alloys.

  • Even at face value, we'd have had to pay £700 for two, not even seated together.

  • Very true.

    They're still worried a significant number of India fans who bought tickets just won't pitch up.

    Some corporate tickets going for £1500. Jeez.

  • My guess is we'll see pockets of Indian fans who've come over and have decided to go rather than selling them on. I mean, they're perfectly entitled to do so.

    Besides, I'm off to Sicily on Monday, so I'm the real winner.

  • Exactly. You pays your money; you takes your choice. Doesn't stop the powers that be worrying about what it looks like on the tellybox though.

  • I’m quite tempered just to rock up outside Lords at 8am and see if there’s anything going.

  • You'll soon be bad tempered when you see the prices.

  • Sorry everyone I let them go to friends who could make it and will have a wonderful day (hopefully).

  • And possibly the result, knowing England’s record at Lords.

  • Agreed, but for once I am stupid enough to believe..... Our army of many accents shall prevail. Is thieving (obviously qualified as bona fide English) players the cricketing equivalent of doping?

  • NZ to bat first. No idea what the means for today...

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