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  • I'd fine Bairstow the fee for his shit review.

  • Absolutely but review or not, that decision shouldn’t have been made.

  • Agreed. The way it was signaled was odd too. He went to signal over shoulder height, then thought 'oh' and gave it. Odd.

  • Yeah, he looked super uncertain.

    At least it doesn’t look like influencing the result at all.

  • "England need 14 from 120 balls."

    Officially not nervous any more.

  • Get in

  • So good.

  • 8 (eight) wickets!

  • And we get to watch the final for free on Sunday. Sweet.

  • yes

  • Well, no, very expensive. But will at least be in the ground.

    Bet it fucking pours down...

  • not a fan of english cricket,
    but wow what an impressive victoty
    over strong oppo..

  • Confirmed that it'll be on Channel 4

  • awesome wells!

  • Woakes wearing a cap with 50 on it, Morgan with 200. Woakes must be wearing his 20-20 cap, right?

  • Havetickets for the final. Booked a holiday in Mallorca believing it wouldn’t happen. Oh well, will have to watch from the beach #firstworldproblems

  • Sell me the tickets!

  • 2nd dibs ;)

  • 3rd dibs. Pointlessly but still...

  • 4s, maybe? Ha

  • Bit blurried eyed here in New Zealand after staying up all night to watch that, at least the England innings was quick so got a couple of hours kip before getting up for work. Unfortunately, I cannot take Monday or even Monday morning off, so need to get some sleep in the bank before the start of the match at 9.30pm Sunday. Hopefully I will sleep/doze most of Sunday

    This World Cup has really messed up my sleeping - start watching at 9.30pm with the aim of just watching a few hours or maybe the first innings at the most, only to fall asleep on the sofa then wake up sporadically when someone hits a six or loses a wicket and the noise level goes up. Been a few late starts for the last month, lucky I don't work in the same city as my manager so he has no idea.

  • Hahaha! Brilliant effort.

  • Well the good news here is that Mrs JJ72 took Australia’s absolute fucking battering, sorry, defeat remarkably well.
    I’m not sure how she’ll feel about Sunday now being a day of being glued to C4 yet, but we shall see.

  • BBC says a max of 6% chance of light rain on Sunday. Yay.

  • I’m not sure how she’ll feel about Sunday now being a day of being glued to C4 yet, but we shall see

    Put TV in back garden - sorted! (with radio commentary also, just to use all the electricals)

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