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  • Indeed.
    Did retain the fact this was a day/night fixture.

  • Let's rember last day night test inda went for 36.... But the spinners for inda today were impressive.

  • chris froome, oliver cromwell, sir kieth starmer QC, chris whitty, captain tom, joe wicks, zoe ball, steve mcfadden, both neville brothers, dr alex from love island, anthony joshua, lady diana from the netflix series the queen, raoul moat, maggie thatcher... your boys took a hell of a beating!*

    *so far

  • England will regret their reaction to that decision when they see the replays.

    If they were batting and had that given them out they'd be livid.

  • I was watching on my phone so I'm not going to comment on whether it was out or not but the speed with which he made the decision was ridiculous, there's been a lot of study on the foreshortening effect with camera replays and as the soft signal was out it had to be certain which would definitely take more than one replay.

  • Supper.


  • When the longer replay was shon it looks not out the shorter one looks out. I don't think stokes was trying it in genuinely thinks he caught it

  • It was clearly not out

  • Just seemed a very quick decision.

  • Umpires call and keeping the review is great result any time Broad makes a review.

  • You can’t compact dust to make it more solid, however hard you hit it with that thing 🤷🏼♂️.

  • Mind your toes.

  • these guys should do more runs imo

  • Rohit and Kohli forging the first real partnership of the match.

    Okaaaaayyyyyy. This will be fine. Sure.

  • Stokes has been playing club level cricket today.

  • What time is the close?

  • is dropping straightforward catches bad

  • shocking how good and dramatic the review system is in cricket compared to VAR (which is pish, bad and hated)

  • The systems are generally fine, it's the decisions that end up being made. Like most things it's the human element not the technology.

    (Although that was probably the right decision about Rohit's stumping, but it shows that the system isn't being used properly.)

  • Get in

  • Gonna be shit today I reckon

  • come on you boys in white

  • Anderson tells the press that the ball isn't swinging, even in practice.

    Hmmm, do we have the right bowling attack?

  • I think picking 4 gingers for this weather might be the problem.

  • Leachyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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