Wanted: 53-54cm Fixed-gear

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  • Looking for a relatively cheap (under £300, but will entertain higher offers if the bike is too good to resist) track bike. New here from the states, will be leaving in June. Hoping to buy a bike and then sell it back when I leave, however there is a large chance I will grow attached and pay to ship it back home. Anyways, if you got a 53-54 cm track bike that you are willing to get rid of I'd love to hear/see it.

  • specialized tricross are currently within budget at pearson cycles, see the thread further down.

    And welcome

  • specialized tricross are currently within budget at pearson cycles, see the thread further down.

    And welcome

    Please, don't buy specialized !!!! every second bike in london is specialized ... Follow this thread and ebay (french, italian)... go through classifieds on different bicycle club websites, local classified, bicycle jumbles etc. don't buy specialized..

  • In terms of the specialized. That seems like a road bike. I'm looking for like a Fuji Track/Bareknuckle/etc etc. A bike that was built as a track bike initially. One gear. Fixed. You get the picture. Anyways, I'm trying to keep my finger on the pulse of as many classifieds as I can, thought I would throw this thread up to act as just one more place to look. Anyways, to reiterate. If you are trying to get rid of a 53-54cm fixie, let me know! Oh, and nice forum, thanks for the welcome =) .

  • I got a bike for you, fully built up with some nice parts.
    Alu track frame, Dedaccia metal, miche advanced track cranks, goldtech(condor branded) hubs and CXP14 wheels, Deda Drop bars + optional free brake.
    Shitty pedals at the moment, but totally rideable.
    £275, one slight dent seen in pics below:

    Frame pics:

    Putney area.

    If you're around my height -5'10- it'll be perfect ( and yeah i know it says 52cm, but the top tube length means it rides bigger).

    ignore the bars.

    Putney pick up.

  • Bump. Still looking! No 53-54cm fixies anyone?

  • i think eyebrows' offer is the best your gonna get for under 300 for the whole bike

  • really? not even on an entry level like a bianchi pista/fuji track/gt gtb? my budget is sort of flexible if the right bike comes around as well...

  • well go to evans then, if you want an OTP

  • evans? im new to London...

  • evans? im new to London...

    Google it. http://www.evanscycles.com/stores

    Eyebrows offer, I dare say, will be better than what you can get OTP.

    Just change the bars, pedals etc if you want it to look prettier.

  • Hmm. Haven't had a chance to head to evan's (class and coursework...), so I'm still looking. Found a couple of maybes on teh Intrawebz but haven't settled on anything yet. Open to offers for a 52-55cm fixie (I've broadened my scope of acceptable size).

  • good luck!

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Wanted: 53-54cm Fixed-gear

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