• There's too much comedy going on here. Some people are born to it, others are just inadvertently funny...

    So. Who makes you grin the most?

    If you want to post why, feel free

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  • Wait, you cunts, I'm setting up this fucking poll thing. I've never done it before, so give me a break.


  • you didn't add the person that I was thinking of.

    and where's the "they're all cunts" option?

  • This will make an election in Zimbabwe look clean.
    PS I've just heard I may only have months to live.

  • Is that just a list of dudes you wanna get in?

  • ^minutes if you carry on like this

  • Tynan ftw. That thread about the dude that ordered the rare superpista from Italy and then sold it the next day on here made me chuckle!

  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Control freak - now you say 'control freak who?'.

    vote now!

  • It's too tricky so I'm not able to vote.

    wigan, bmmf and tynan get my vote and pj would to but he's sadly stopped posting his bitter vitriol which I was very fond of. Also RPM should be in that list.

  • tynan gets my vote, clinching it with his multimedia prowess. i hate all the others anyway.

  • Hippy should be in that list

  • Dude, I hate everyone - even the people I never met. I find it's easier that way.

  • I don't know why I put Ray in - he's just funny looooooking. I just panicked, I guesss

  • WiganWill

    For this one (mainly).

    *"Mr Waffle: admit it; you've murdered cyclists haven't you? You've beaten them to a mass of blood stained high quality Rapha clothing using half a cow catcher taken from the front of your sports-tuned Suzuki jeep. And you've laughed while you did it, a loud crazed laugh of glee and derision. Isn't that the truth Mr Waffle? I think it's too late for denials. *
    *If you aren't a petrol sniffing cyclist killing madman then why else would you fail to be moved to tears by possibly the finest article ever written, possibly the finest piece of writing, full stop? A piece of writing that, in it's uplifting tone of hope and joy makes the Gettysburg address sound like the suicide note of piss stained alcoholic? *
    Wouldn't you just feel better if you stood up now, in your living room or kitchen or conservatory or wherever it is you type out your hate filled anti-cyclist death threats and said "I am a killer of cyclists. I beat them to death and I am sorry". Wouldn't that be a relief?"

    But this "why ride fixed" post is a peach too

    *"Why? Why? That's a question I can't answer. All I can do is tell it straight from the heart.
    It was 1969 and I was living with a hippy chick by the name of Chrysanthemum Starlight Wild Horse Groovy-Moon in San Fransisco in Amerika. Me and Chryssy (as our love grew, her name shrank) were holed up in a cold water flat in the Heights. It was the fag end of the sixties, the death throes of peace and love. We still wore flowers in our hair but they were wilting. Keroac had moved in to real estate, Ginsberg talked only of starting up a dry cleaners.
    One day we went walking, the peach-blue sky and golden ocean soothed our souls. The moon shone at midday.
    Coming back from that walk on the wild side we popped in to Beautiful Pete's for a Ploughman's. The dude was out of cheddar. The omens, the omens.
    When we got back to the brownstone Chrissy caught her loonpants on something sharp in the dark hallway. By the light of a joss stick we could see it was some kind of tripped out bike, some Gandalphed velo. What was it? No brake, no gears. No gears? Man that was far out.
    We lugged it up the six floors to our pad. Something about that bike had captured our souls. We set it in front of the altar in the bedroom and sat, in a circle, staring silently at this revelation, this velorevalation. Deep down we both new that things would never be the same again and that this lean metal stallion would tear our love apart, break it in a way that could never be fixed...

    ...but that was long ago.
    Last I heard Chrissy was going by the name Chug-It and dancing in bars for small change and cuddles. Time plays a tune which only the deaf can hear.

    That's all I can say.
    Why? Why? Go ask the moon, go ask the stars, go ask the wind."*

  • I was high on Tipex when I wrote that though.

  • Definitely tynan. All the others just try too hard..

    (And BMMF, before he went AWOL).

  • OnOneLangster, 'ftw'

  • Definitely tynan. All the others just try too hard..

    (And BMMF, before he went AWOL).

    Reminds me of my school reports "William must try less harder".

    Vote now!

  • Hippy should be in that list

    I am. You mean "shouldn't".

  • Whoever wrote the BBC news piece for Arrospok stock deserves something. That killed me.

  • Definitely tynan. All the others just try too hard..
    (And BMMF, before he went AWOL).


    Add lpg to the list, quick!

  • Whoever wrote the BBC news piece for Arrospok stock deserves something. That killed me.


  • yep, MA3K needs to be up there.

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Who is the funniest fucker on this forum - whether they mean it or not?

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