Should I mend the Stan Butler or flog it as it is?

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  • ha, didn't want to comment on the brake caliper

  • ...

    I've listed everything below so should answer most questions -

    Frame - Allin track/path dated approx 1960 size 57 ctc

    Headset - Unknown, Vaz put it on and told me it was NOS 1960's and 'hard to find', I am after a new one Skully but haven't found one in good enough condition yet :(

    BB - Cottered Bayliss Willey NOS and weighs a bloody ton! :) I went through 5 of these until I found the right size... seems no-one really measures these properly when asked so took 5 attempts and about 6 months :S

    Chainset - Stronglight, roughly 1950's, had been crudely painted so sent it off for re-chroming, came back looking lovely and shiny!

    Chain - Lovely old renolds, have had it soaking in a bowl of oil for 3 months!

    Pedals - Classic NOS Lyotards. Now I been pretty boring with these and after looking through the pedal museum (yep, there's one online!), these came up as the right era, only a tenner so cheap and fine. Brooks straps, the old buckle type and Barilla toe clips (although Italian sounding they are english through and through).

    Wheels - Airlite hubs, Dunlop steel rims, I have to thank Skully for the lovely rims and Dogsballs for building them so beautifully! Thanks chaps :)

    Seat post - NOS Birmalux

    Saddle - Brooks Narrow Champion but soon to be changed.....

    Stem - Titan Adjustable Track Stem. Again this was a top find but was in need of a re-chrome... soooo, off it went and back it came all shiny.

    Bars - 1950's track drops off the lovely Eric Saylis who owns some real beauties over on Classic Lightweights. He has really helped out with the build and is such a lovely chap.

    Bar tape - Yes yes its benotto... I put some cloth on but only had black and it just didn't go. If I find some grey cloth then I may change it... the benotto stuff is ace, although a right pain to fit as you have to melt it to fix it at the ends :S

    Brake lever - Again thanks to Eric Saylis who kindly sent this to me, its perfect!

    Brake Caliper - Ok, I cheated here.... I have a box full of old calipers, mafac, weinmann, campag.... in the end I put a 70s (or could be 80's) campagnolo record on as looked the best of the bunch... if i find something older and it decent condition then i may change it... we'll see.

    All in all it doesn't actually weigh as much as I thought it would but it is a 'track iron' after all.

    So, there you have it..... thanks for all the kind words.... i'll post better pics when its finished.

    Oh, one last thing, prav i've been looking for a saddle bracket for ages but can't find one... any ideas?

    That's what we wanted! Details details.

    Bit of rechroming worth it man, the stronglights are LOVELY. Ditto the stem, obviously.

    Tobes you need to find a Brooks B17 Sprinter. I have one but I'm not keen on selling it. Maybe see you sunday? ;)

    Also re: period English calipers -- if you want a contact for GB stuff I can give you it, a guy named Peter Paine. I think he's what you call a Marque Enthusiast. They tend to be quite long drop though, not sure which model if any would fit that trackie clearance. The lever you have is nice, is it a GB?

    Prav/tobes, what are those saddley brackety things for?

  • I think I've heard of that chap before... I may even of met him at a jumble?? I've spotted the odd gb caliper on eBay and have been tempted but you're right, it's quite close clearance and most of the older ones have too deep a drop.

    The support, as Prav said, was very popular way back as I believe some sprinters complained of too much movement, I'm guessing it was when saddles were fixed further forward than we do today and also the seat fittings weren't as good. When I tested mine the other day it slipped down even though I tightened it more than I thought it would need.

    Your springer sounds perfect, when can I collect? ;)

    What's happening this Sunday?? I'm so far out of re loop these days :(

  • HH vintage jumble. You hold down Hilary and I'll chloroform him.

  • Ooooooh.... vintage jumble fun :)

    I'll be there, I've sort of got the day off, what time you heading down there?

  • Starts at nine. So about 8 to help people unpack...

    You better be on the Allin...

  • I'll try to be but it needs some tweaking first! Oh and I've just chipped it so am mega unhappy :(

  • Amazingly stunning, probably the best restoration job I've ever seen! and the colour is perfect.

  • change the brake to vintage weinmann

  • Lovely!

  • Nice one, Bobob - inspiration for my Allin project. Looks amazing.

  • Hi

    I have just joined this community and immediately spotted your Allin bike. Your unit is truly legendary! I am starting a new restoration project with an early 70s Sun Worksop and would like to get it sprayed with the exact same colour as your Allin.

    Would you mind sending me the exact colour code for the grey paint?

    Sorry I don't mean to be rude given the amazing work you have done with it but are you intending to sell it in any near future? If so you have definitely a buyer!

    Many thanks


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Should I mend the Stan Butler or flog it as it is?

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