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  • Thanks for the heads-up @hugo7, I grabbed one too - but the non-MIPS version has arrived. Not sure I can be fussed to complain given the price. Half considering grabbing one of the 11 left in stock to see if a MIPS shows up, though the £12 price is some inflation from yesterday!

  • I ordered two at £3.70 then immediately ordered another two for my friends kids. I noticed a couple hours later the price was around £6.
    They turned up today and I have no doubt they are genuine. Mine are all MIPS version as advertised.
    They seem like very high quality bits of kit. A great bargain.

    I've seen strange pricing on amazon before. About a year ago I found a set of 2020 RockShox Boxxer Ultimate forks on Amazon for sale at £580, at the time rrp was around £1200 and cheapest I could find them online was just shy of £1000.
    I was really tempted to buy them but by the time I'd convinced my self the price had went up to around £1200.

  • Mine says non-mips on the box but says MIPS on the helmet itself

  • I on occasion deeply regret not picking up a Teenage Engineering OP-1 that I saw for £600 once.

  • I was pleased to get two at £3.69, shortly before they shot back up - I think this is a case of algorithmic pricing - I don't know how this works (I always thought it was one seller trying to undercut another?) but I know it is a thing, and I don't feel bad taking advantage if it's Amazon that loses out!
    At this rate most of LFGSS juniors are going to be roaming around with Gold helmets 😂

  • See a gold helmet: "DO A SKID!"
    Cue look of puzzlement on child's face...

    Also top parentingpsychologyknowledge from Mrs c00ps - middle daughter has now swapped her identical helmet with eldest "this one fits fine".

  • spoke with them over the phone and they upgraded my delivery to make sure a new wheel arrived pronto. Never bought from them before but they were good, and cheaper. So, a quick plug.
    Like the helmets btw. Colour-matched my bike circa 1990.

  • holy shit thats amazing.

  • MTB front mech in 2021 .. seems overpriced

  • Lidl have their digital calipers in for a tenner - feel better than the cheapo eBay ones without spending for machinist grade. Also fluorescent duct tape.

  • 50-61% off Chrome on Sportpersuit at the moment. I had a quick look at some of the jackets and all sizes in stock at the moment

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  • Chrome are the DFS of cycling kit.

  • I feel attacked.. you're probably right, though would give the DFS award to Alpkit... still better than just about everything posted in the stylish kit thread

  • I think DFS is ok as well so as long as its not the Matalan of cycling kit I'm fine with that

  • True :)

    Quite a bit of my everyday clothing is swrve or chrome, it's sturdy stuff and no-one notices that it's cut to be pretty OK on a bike.

  • And currently less than half price so I'll be having a little load up in the sale. Apart from one or two Sunday best kits. Maximum style points don't matter much for me anymore. Most of my cycling currently is an hour a day commuting carrying stuff in shitty weather so this fits the bill for me too.

  • Not exactly deal of the century, but I was looking for a cheap front rack and with everything expensive or out of stock, I noticed Amazon has gamoh porteurs for under £50. Seems to be cheapest place on the internet (where they’re actual in stock).

    Minoura Gamoh Porteur Front Bike Rack - Black­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_J31Z95215K3F8­QTXRWPB?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

  • Hackney Peddler has -20% on some bikes until end of a month:­

    1) Was: £995 - Sale price: £795. Stunning John Pavey single speed with full Miche Primato group. 49cm
    (2) Was: £850 - Sale price: £680. Peugeot Super Competition in lovely condition. 57cm
    (3) Was: £750 - Sale price: £600. Sun Solo single speed. Clean. 57cm
    (4) Was: £950 - Sale price: £760. F. Moser shreddy single speed. 57cm
    (5) Was: £750 - Sale price: £600. Colombo drop bar single speed, light and nippy. 55cm

  • Was it Hackney Peddler that was offering unpaid internships a few months ago?

  • Lol. Wouldn’t say any of those bikes are a deal or a bargain

  • 850 for Peugeot conversion, lel

  • Must be big windows in that Hackney Peddler.

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Non-Ebay Deals/Bargains

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