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  • The only downside is that instead of an adjustable ratchet strap inside it's elastic

    My daughters would see this as a positive! (but I know what you mean)

    Ordered them one each, so we'll see.

  • Size is actually 52-55.5cm. Who knows how accurate the sizing is, but wanted to update just in case that 5mm makes a difference to someone.

    Forgot to mention that the MIPS version arrived, so plus the photos in the listing I assume they'll all me MIPS.

    It feels lighter and less beefy than the GIRO one no.1 currently has. But then even on RRP that was a more expensive helmet.

    As non-popular colours go, the champagne is actually fine. Silvery gold.

  • Thanks for this. Perfect for my 2 year old son who's head should fit one soonish.

    I imagine that it's a pricing error rather than it being fake. I noticed that its 'sold by amazon' which makes me think it's less likely to be fake?

    I think the decimal point has been put in the wrong place.
    Maybe a sudden increase in the amount of orders will flag up the mistake. Oh well, mine is apparently going to be delivered tomorrow.

  • Anyone want 20% off a wahoo HRM? I have a code I'm not going to use.

    yes please ad441

  • Sorry, will be long gone.

  • Ta - I got two of them as well, may not fit the smaller child but she was probably going to wear a hat underneath anyways, so it's worth a punt...

  • 1p price drop.... might order another 😂

  • Put the credit card down and back away from the computer.
    You've done enough spending for this month

  • 1p price drop

    Damn. I've been fleeced!

  • Buy again and cancel the previous one.

  • Yeah, but I'd have to decide what to spend that thrupence on...

  • I got a couple for my fat headed twins. Thanks

  • Mine just arrived. I trust your fat headed twins will be satisfied with your purchase…

    10/10 would buy again. Thanks @hugo7!

  • Helmets x3 all arrived. They certainly look legit. Middle daughter complaining it's too tight (she's at the small end of the scale for fit). But she never did up her helmet properly before and always insists everything is too tight anyway. Could be a battle...

    Thanks @hugo7

  • The estimates are proper bait as usual for auction houses. But there's some good stuff there for sure (Vernon Barker Tandem, Woodrup and Bates look interesting from a very quick browse).

  • Any thoughts?

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  • My two have been delivered. Fits like a glove on my 8 yr old daughter's head, but she didn't like it and will stick with her human cannonball styled one. Fat head twins are out at the moment, but I'll try it on them when they get back.

    I can just about squeeze my head in, but I wouldn't want to wear it for any great length of time.

    All in all, the best few quid I've spent in a long time, thanks again @hugo7

  • Didn’t mean to reply to you before @hugo7. Box, owners manual, helmet itself all seem legit. Best deal I’ve ever scored on Amazon, thanks. 👍👍

  • @hugo7 two just showed up at my sister’s house so I know I’ve got some well protected nephews now. Great find and thanks for passing it along!

  • (They’re up past 12 quid now)

  • It’s like gamestonk! I bought at £10 this afternoon.

  • Mine was £5.67, way too small for me, fits my small soon to be 11 year old, but only just.

  • I realised that padding in the front takes up a lot of space. It seems like it helps keep ones head in the MIPS structure, but I’d be interested to compare the helmet with a medium to see if the shell changes or just that padding.

  • A few months ago I found an Armor Lux jacket on Amazon for £22. I was dubious about whether it was a copy as the real thing was over £100 so I bought one and the price instantly went down to £18. It arrived and was a proper jacket so I bought a couple more at which the point the price went up to £35 bought another and then up to £70 odd quid. Same with AL t-shirts I’ve ended up with loads still in the plastic, it’s a weird business sometimes buying makes them go up sometimes down!

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Non-Ebay Deals/Bargains

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