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  • Zipp out altura baggies in then .

  • Ah what you say makes a bit more sense, being brought under same suppliers umbrella.
    When I heard the chap say they weren't owned by Evans, even though I knew for sure that they were, there was no point asking any more.

    Glad to hear atleast someone has received something they ordered though!

  • Like how cool you are playing, snagging the wheels you did!!

  • Haha naaaah I'm still trembling 😂

    To be honest if the ffwd wheels turn up I'm torn between which to keep. Zipps will prob hold their value better.
    Tempted to build another bike around the ffwd's!

  • Put the ffwd on the Caad and put the zipp on something better would be my thoughts :-)

  • The ffwd's don't fit the Caad but currently the the 303's do... Either way I want rid of the Caad.
    Seen that theres already an sl7 tarmac to be released. Hoping I'll snag an sl6 frame on the cheap at some point between now and sl7 release.
    Thinking about it a refund right now for the ffwd's would save a lot of hassle and the zipps sit in the box until I have something worthy.

  • TriUk have got a ÂŁ11k Cervelo S5 limited edition Quebeka race bike in 54cm for ÂŁ5.5k. Probably one you’d want to go and collect given all the comments above. :)

  • Soon after the dispatch email, I got a 5 out of your 6 items (all tyres) were out of stock refund email. Fizik R1s for the gf should arrive tomorrow.

  • And order cancelled. Both items longer in stock. So they took my money and didn’t have them. Mmmmm

  • TriUK dispatch notification came through today, shortly followed by a refund email. I ordered two pairs of shoes and it looks like I've been refunded for one of them, but no idea which pair I'm actually going to get.

  • Force eTap AXS full groupset for 999 on wiggle. I think that's a good deal? Seems to be about the price of just the shiftset elsewhere­-axs-2x12sp-complete-road-groupset

  • Resist. Channel your inner Bauke Mollema.

  • F*cking SRAAAAAM

  • Very tempting to make DBAD more ridiculous.

  • 12 speed stuff is pricey; chain, cassette, cranks etc

  • Is this gear ration (46-10) more for gravel bikes? How does it compare to 50-11 on a normal road bike?

    edit: I found an answer:

    The front chainrings are now available in a 50/37, 48/35 and 46/33, with the intention > being to reduce front shifting, allowing the rider to remain in the big ring for longer. By pairing these to wider cassettes that start with a 10t rather than an 11t SRAM has been able to provide more gear range at the back that exceeds the top and bottom gearing of traditional ratio, as well as seven consecutive one tooth changes (incidentally, this is the same as new Campagnolo Super-Record 12 speed) instead of the six with a Shimano cassette.

    In comparison to Shimano’s traditional gearing, the 50/37 and a 10-26 cassette is the equivalent of of the 53/39 with a 11-25 cassette. The 48/35 and a 11-28 is the equivalent of a 52/36 with a 11-28 cassette. Finally, the 46/33 with a 10-33 is the same as a 50/34 with a 11-32 cassette.­ct-news/sram-etap-vs-di2-which-is-better­-211408

  • It does come with all those things. And that all important Italian GXP BB

  • Ah yeah true, rim brakes though >>>>>

  • (46/10)*11=50.6

  • Got lucky and got confirmation from Triuk for my Artica X5 boots.

  • Oh the plot thickens...
    How long was the gap between placing the order and receiving the confirmation email?

  • They were one of the things that I had cancelled. They got cancelled after I had an update saying they had been packed ready to despatch.

  • Ah.

    I am in that situation perhaps. I ordered a pair of EU44.

  • Mine were 45 1/2 so you might get lucky

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Non-Ebay Deals/Bargains

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