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  • My TriUK shoe order just got cancelled. Probs for the best tbh, I need to stop spunking cash on random sale items.

  • Post it in the Craigslist finds thread :)

  • Which date did you order the wheels and frame?

    I ordered wheels on the 21st but have heard absolutely nothing from them since. Didnt get an order confirmation email for the wheels either. Did you get any confirmation email when you ordered?

  • All my Tri UK orders have been cancelled now. Shame as I was really looking forward to both sets of shoes.

  • Meh. I'm not hopeful for anything I've ordered now. I was looking forward to the fizik R1 shoes though.
    Seems unlikely my ffwd wheels are coming. However, I did manage to get a set of Zipp 303 nsw wheels in the Glasgow store!

  • Yeah I think it was very much a sale where if you were local to a store you could snaffle some good stuff but online seems like no one really got anything.

  • Yeah it all seemed like one big cluster fuck.
    I spoke to one of the lads in the shop, he seemed to imply that the online orders where being taken and then forwarded on to shops.
    The shop was then checking what they had in stock and if they were able to then send it out to to folk who ordered online.
    Utterly ridiculous that they'd let everyone order online willy nilly then cancel 90% of the orders because there wasn't any stock.

  • Hmm that's a bit shit. I ordered a wetsuit last week but have heard nothing so presume it's probably not happening...

  • Yeah its really shite. You'd think that all online orders where coming from stock that was separate from shop stock. The chap said certain things would come from a warehouse but a lot of orders were being forwarded to to the shops leaving them with a huge backlog of orders to process.

    If it seems to good to be true...

  • So my confirmation email from TriUK says the order has been sent to the warehouse for processing. Any views on if this really is a warehouse and they have the stock or is it a generic ‘to the warehouse’ meaning anywhere that picks the order?
    Update - checking my credit card they took the payment on 27th. Ordered on 21st. They shouldn’t take the credit card payment until shipment is made so hoping it’s now on the way and I’ve just not got an email.
    update 2 Order in picking I did chase customer services today.

  • isn't it a liquidation sale? annoying but hardly surprising that customer service was low on the list of priorities

  • Got a confirmation email from TriUK when I ordered on the 21st, but nothing else since. Logging in to my account on the site shows no orders. I see a PayPal dispute in my future...

  • Ordered on the 20th. Got confirmation emails straight away

  • Same here. And nothing since.

  • Yeah of the three things I've ordered only one actually shows in my order history.

    @fredtc yeah it's not exactly surprising that customer service has gone to shit.
    I can imagine that a lot of the tri uk staff are probably feeling a bit fucked over too having to deal with the mess.

  • I ordered some running gear last week.

    A roller-banner on the website says dispatch within 10-17 working days.

    We’ll see.

  • TriUK are Astley / Sports Direct arent they? So should expect it to be a complete mess really.

    As you say though, horrible for people working there.

  • TriUK are Astley / Sports Direct arent they?

    They are, yes. See here.

  • I seem to remember Astley acquired TriUK as wanted to build an upmarket retail presence. Which was also reason for Evans purchase... oh well.

  • Oh THAT Astley. All makes sense now.

  • Just got a dispatch email. Doesn't say which items so will see what turns up...

  • Never gonna give you up...

  • Yeah its interesting. I was pretty sure TriUk were a part of Evans/Sports Direct/Ashley, since a member of staff said that a few months ago when I was in the shop.

    But on my visit last week I said to the staff something along the lines of "tri uk is/was owned by evans yeah?" The staff member said tri uk wasnt owned by Evans. But was now being bought by them and being rebranded as something like Evans Triathlon or some similar triathlon branding with the Evans name... I just nodded along. Theres a good chance he didnt know what he was talking about.

    I cant see any details of the sale/restructuring in the media yet?

  • Enve 110mm arrived today. Garmin mount got cancelled.

    When I asked why they were selling stuff on the cheap I was told they were being brought under the Evans umbrella of suppliers hence ditching all current stock as didn't fit with their new brand/manufacture catalogue. I was informed though they would retain the TriUK brand...

    Clear as mud.

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Non-Ebay Deals/Bargains

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