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  • What's the problem with the 785s? I've got some of those, although I haven't used them yet.

  • Don’t know if updated, many found to have calliper leaks.

    Both mine did, my wife’s been fine - I swapped for the £13 calliper Shimano do and no issues in 2 years now!

  • I know this is ebay but if this is right its a good deal.
    Makita Impact Driver - £30

    Cheapest I can find online is £60 for body only. This one mentions '...with 1 x 3Ah Battery Charger & Mak Case'

    I ordered one. I'll let you know if I get ripped off.

  • From China, fake maybe? Either way you may need to pay import tax and fees at around £15.

  • I'm leaning more towards grey market than fake but who knows. Even with import duties its not a bad deal, plus the chance that I won't have to pay them (bought plenty of items before and only mobile phones and bike wheels have been stopped).

    Either way I was looking for a cheap tool so would've ended up with something similar if not. As long as it works. Plus ebay's buyer protection is pretty good.

  • Thanks for the link, ordered one so yeah we'll see when it arrives I suppose!

  • Ordered too, been doing a raft of home improvements lately and have seen the paid help using these frequently so was looking for one; fingers crossed and cheers for heads up

  • Same reason I've lusted after them. Tradies bloody love them.

  • Also purchased. For £30 it's gotta be worth a punt. I've had a new drill on my wishlist for a while, and had been planning to spend a decent bit more on a less good drill. Thanks for the link!

  • You know it's not a drill right?

  • I had not realised that, nope ....

    Whoops! Thanks for the heads up - I'll admit I did have to google what the difference was. I definitely want a drill driver for the flexibility. I'll keep looking!

  • Seller hasn't had any activity in a year, then in the past month there is a surge of buyers (all with feedback count <10) for this 29.99 stuff...

  • Superstar

    Let's hope you don't need to send them back because their customer service is terrible.

  • As I say not too concerned as eBay buyer protection pretty good.

  • Superstar or PX? /trollface

  • I got them to send me out a new headset after claiming they sent the wrong one, I think I may have ordered the wrong one, made them send it next day so I could ride with a promise to send the other back, that never happened.

  • I have one of these and they’re very handy. Ad detail indicates pre-owned in contrast to pics that give the impression of new.
    Would be very tempted if genuine.

  • Ad detail indicates pre-owned in contrast to pics that give the impression of new.

    Really? Can't see where it mentions that. Can you highlight it please?

  • shimano rp9 shoes are -50% at rutland cycling, lots of sizes left

  • Mine are still working fine.

  • In the review section although that might be referring to a different item.

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  • Thanks. I think thats the same item but from a different seller. Its essentially someone else saying they like the product.

  • Dispatch has occured, guess yours and the few others on here have received notification too - will it be be a straightforward transaction or an epic saga involving plot twists and unlikely outcomes galore akin to the one and only MarcosCavendish 'this bike is mine' thread?

  • Looks decidedly like this Makita grinder I tried to buy about 6 months ago. Tracking showed it being put on a plane in China but it never seemed to land in the UK.

    @Sam_w bought a Makita circular saw from the same seller I think and t was the same story.

    I had to phone Paypal to get a refund but they processed it quickly enough once I did.

  • Infact its the same seller innit?

    Yeah yous are all getting hee haw.

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Non-Ebay Deals/Bargains

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