Names And Faces To Bikes In Dublin

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  • Hi RSGE and welcome - nice to have another girl on here!

    I must get a pic on here at some stage but not really needed I guess - I'm usually on a green langster (riding it fixed with drops and rocking two brakes) or sometimes my old black geared trek 1200.

    Will keep an eye out trying to spot you and say hi!

  • Thanks! nice to "meet" you, so to speak :) I'll look out for you too - what's your name? I'm Beks/Beky whatever you prefer to call me :-p

  • old bike:­/13753d1250360891-p1000108.jpg

    new bike:­/13752d1250360891-p1000391.jpg

    except the left crank is faulty and won't take a pedal (the one in the pic is a spare)

  • I've seen you cycling this down Aungier Street... I think? :) I like it... a lot!

    why thank you... she gets quiet alot of praise from anyone who lay's eyes on her. i had a dream last night where she got ran over by a car! the top tube was mangled.. i woke up with a start only to find her lying next to me in bed safe and sound... what a relief to say the least. in a week or two she will be replaced with a bob jackson covered from head to toe in nitto and dura-ace.

  • Ooh, dont forget my offer to help, such a nice bike, I have to help!

  • Ok! But if you hurt her....

  • Can you really call someone "her" when the name on it is Bob Jackson?;P

  • Well I'm hardly gonna ride a guy all day now am i... Don't answer that

  • Hipsters swing all over the place!

  • Hipsters act tough on the interweb!

  • Haha trolling to the max, hipster style.

  • Sorry about that. The humour didn't seem to get across although in retrospect it did seem quite rude... Oh well not to worry

  • It could be a Bobbie Jackson, if you are really concerned about gender. Girls can be called Bobbie too. So don't worry you won't be gay. Not that being gay is bad of course.

  • Dubliner's!
    I will be joining you in a tomorrow and will be riding around the city.
    my bike:

    Keep an eye out for me, as i will be needing directions.

  • Nice bike! Is it an Alien?

  • looks like a leader

  • Has anyone here put pics of their bike up on fixed gear gallery? (Apart from RSGE

  • looks like a leader

    Spot on.

    First 2 days in Dublin and have seen no one.

  • I'm out of action with a bike in pieces and a not-quite-ready-for-action elbow (I broke it a few months ago)

  • Rosmal, how long are you in town for? Where you visiting from?
    Are you around tomorrow during the day? (Wednesday)
    I have to go sign on the dole in the morning but thats about it.
    If you're up for a bit of a spin let me know. I check back here regularly.
    I live in Blanchardstown but dont mind at all coming into the city centre, its not that far.

  • How long you here for Rosmal? Where are you stayin? Have you really seen no fixed gears about town yet?!

    Flickerx, if you guys are out for a spin tomorrow night you could do worse than taking a look-in at the track from 7ish - the league has ended but I'm told there may be wine and "friendly" races as well as the league results. Or Thursday night and/or Sunday morning you could rock along to grass polo in the Phoenix Park..

    Don't reckon you'll find many other dublin forumengers at either event though maybe they can be coaxed out to a pub ;0 welcome to Dublin!

  • I'm out of action with a bike in pieces and a not-quite-ready-for-action elbow (I broke it a few months ago)

    Don't use the arm, I was out in the park today :P

    Granted it was on a mountain bike

  • Still have the issue of the bike in pieces, I'm waiting on a crankset from blb through mikes bikes and once I've measured the chainline I'll be ordering a custom double bolt on hub fom fixkin then I'll need the wheel/s built....long story short it'll take a minimum of 3 weeks


    Got rid of the brown Langster frame and forks, have an Eighthinch frame & forkset now. So look out for me on this beast or the black/yellow/blue Pake and say hi :)

    If anyone knows anyone small (around 5ft 2") who wants to start out in fixed/singlespeed, I have my old Langster for sale on, it is complete except for wheels and crankset. €150. Good condition. Comes with both drops and flat bars! Would be ideal if someone wants to build a bike for their girlfriend or something.


  • That really is a tiny Langster. I love it. I'd buy it myself except I have a bike.

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Names And Faces To Bikes In Dublin

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