• I found an Aussie tackle shop that didn't do a great job on their Shimano "acceptable shipping destinations" check… not sure about putting their URL here in fear of killing the goose that laid the golden hat, I'll PM it to you

  • I wish I knew what to do with them. They just get crammed into a top part of a cupboard or left lying around the house -
    Must have 4 or 5 newsboys, 10 trucker/baseball caps and a few straws pork pies/trilbys. Not counting the woollens as they are many.
    Old drop handlebars fixed to the wall would be cheesy bike hipster style but you’d need some real estate on your walls

  • baseball hats are either in a cupboard for the rarely worn, or top of the shoe rack for frequently worn.
    There are posts on the end that the trilby, fedora and cowboy hat stack nicely.
    Flat caps are oft found in unexpected places. (read: i have no idea where I put them)

  • My favourite outdoors hat, outside of Summer, is the Outdoor Research Prismatic Cap. It is microfleece lined, has hidden drop-down ear flaps for cold days, and being made with a Goretex shell it means I rarely need a hood in the rain.


    Image source: https://www.deporvillage.net/outdoor-res­earch-prismatic-gore-tex-cap-black

  • Yes, We tried to do a group order of some before but they never showed!

  • My recent purchase, super comfortable and very light weight.


    Packs up nicely in a suitcase ie.

  • My hat of choice for pretty much all weathers, a Minnetonka fold up leather hat. It does exactly has described and is around 3cm thick when folded. Great for any trip and takes up next to no space in a pack. Bought in a road trip at a roadside trading post between the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon around 15 years ago.

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  • I can retail assist if you guys want some sent over...

  • Just remembered that splurged on one of these this summer...


    I do dig it but i sometime worry that it makes me look a bit someone who owned slaves.

  • Looking for a cycling cap with warm ear flap bits. @Nick_S that one looks good but the peak looks big compared to cycling cap peak or is it just the photo? Also do they do one with out OR on the front?

  • Placed top down on a flat surface. (This is for my Stetson and Panama to save the brim being deformed)

  • I have one of the below.
    Fits nicely under a helmet, although I cannot remember how much ear it covers.
    Also, seems to have been lost to the ages now, might have to order another

    Edit: Madison Isoler is the name of it

  • the peak looks big compared to cycling cap peak or is it just the photo?

    The peak is in the usual baseball cap type proportions. All seem to have the OR logo, though a couple of other colours were offered. As the grey letters OR are sewn into the fabric I could not find a way to 'no-logo' it, so I went over the threads of mine with a black permanent marker and it is not so obvious.

    There was an previous version which had cumbersome zip-on Goretex covered ear protection, but the ones currently available online all seem to have the hidden micro-fleece pull-down ear flaps in the style I have and which I have found excellent.

  • Ta for the info shame the peak is base ball style as I like the rest of the hat.
    @DethBeard that looks good ta.
    What I really want is a mix of them both

  • the peak on that is pretty small, it isn't really comparable to a cycling cap peak, it doesn't flip up, or come down very low, it is just there (if you understand what I mean)

  • What I really want is a mix of them both

    There is the Fjallraven Singi Field Cap which has a much shorter peak, though the ear covering folds upwards and outside, rather than hidden inside the cap.

    Image source: https://www.outsidersstore.com/fjallrave­n-singi-field-g-1000-cap-258109

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  • Oh Ta 👍👍👍

  • That looks good and bargin price too.

  • I got one last winter, it's great!

  • Baseball cap recommendations?
    Restrap look ok.

  • I’m partial to an Ebbets Field in 7 3/8. They do adjustable one-size-fits-all too. eBay is a good place to fish for secondhand if that doesn’t gross you out.
    Also a bit late to the ear flap chat but I have this Patagonia which is genuinely useful when the wind gets up although maybe a bit toasty for cycling.

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  • New era 59fifty all the way for me

  • Bit of a late response, but that hat looks great. Would love to find something similar.

    By the way, is that owl at Noah’s Ark?

  • The Rapha one is a nice shape.

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