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  • hello boys and girls! about time we get a our own social jobby on here....

    so, if you're old or new... sam, marek and i (tom) meet at the hyde park pub in leeds every tuesday and thursday at 8pm,

    join our facebook group or check out our blog for regular updates

    we're generally a friendly bunch and end most meets with a beer at one of the many pubs in leeds. come along!



  • leeds-leeds-leeds!!!

  • yay. too right sammy, you gonna make it to the tweed run with me?

  • cannae do it man - the funds will not allow

  • Hey guys,

    I'll have to come down to the Hyde Park Pub sometime!


  • Hello Leeds.

    I'm over in scallyfax. I was going to come over for the alleycat, i've just finished my second fixed conversion (after a pig-iron, suicide, pug) but I thought if you meet up regularly I might pop in and say hello so that i know a few faces before the 15th?


  • Hi
    in leeds, will hae my first bike single speeded in approximatly 1 week. you guys still having meets and stuff?

  • Hey, Chloedon. I can't really speak for the group as not in Leeds at the moment but if you join the facebook group and get in touch with Sam (admin) thats probably the best way to find out when the next ride is. Its a great scene so get involved :)

  • apprechiated. thankyou

  • hola chloe, was lovely meeting you last weekend, no riding involved which was a shame but that cider was fun!

    see you next week

  • Hey,,,,

    Just found this sub-forum thing. Also in Leeds, but not got my single speed sorted yet. Soon though, I hope!

    Anyway, this is the bike I currently have.


    Still after my Peugeot though :S

  • Tom; ride next time defiently!Ben; dont change the tape on that, its amazing!

  • Ach no!

  • come ride benjy! sat is the next big one. do it. unity day.

  • Ben's shhhyyyy, you gotta poke him like 2132432 times then he'll come out ;)

  • Hi there, I am in the process of building a single speed. plus I live in York. Am I aloud to play?

  • hell yeh! join up to the facebook group and you'll get messages whenever there is a ride or event.


  • thanks Muleboy will do as soon as I have a bike that will not embarrass the hell out of me !

  • Hey Everyone

    Joined the forum a few months ago as a londoner

    Been living in Leeds about a month or so, only seen a few people riding fixed, im on the facebook group anyway so should be coming along to a ride as soon as i get some lights!

  • tom - make this sticky!

  • done!

  • Is anyone coming down from Leeds to London in the next few days, delivery of a bike could be exchanged for a sum of wonga....

  • who is selling the bike? One of the LSF crew or some random offa ebay?

    might be able to help you out..

  • I've already bought the bike from eBay, i don;t know if it is currently rideable as i've bought it as a restoration project, just if you were heading southwards, would be a massive help!w

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