For Sale: Miche chain £6, BBs, sprockets etc.

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  • dibs on B125.

  • bb (if you have a 107), possibly chain and sprocket too. also, what width are the B125's? have you got more than 1 set?

  • ok, might have been a little premature.
    only interested in miche bb if it's the proper fit for sugino 75's?
    possibly interested in the bars if under 400mm...
    sorry, for potentially premature post!

  • Chain please.

  • 2nd dibs on chain please.

  • Black tyres please

  • Forms - i have two sets of B125s, they are 40cms. The BBs are 107mm; recommended lenght for the S75 is 109mm so they are a bit too short i am afraid!

    Sorethroat - haven't got any full black tyres, only got Rubino white and black

  • Forms are you not buying my bars that you answered yes to in a previous thread?

  • dovoneil - i was ideally looking for something shorter than 400mm, but im not too fussed which is why i answered yes in your thread.
    have no fear, im still up for buying your bars... however, ive found some for £25 from
    would u consider dropping ur price?

  • I will have the tires. if sorethroat dosent want them.

  • dibs on one of the B125s and 2nd dibs on the tyres.
    How much d'ya think it would cost to post?

  • Would cost £3 to post the tyres!

  • wow they internet in brasil!

  • actually, scrap that. just dibs on the tyres.

  • wow they internet in brasil!

  • Dibs retracted

  • If the miche sprocket includes the carrier, I'll have the 18t one. :)

  • Picked up a chain today Roberto, top stuff. Thank you.

  • You're welcome!

    Yes the sprocket does include the carrier! :)

  • hi roberto
    have you got another chain
    / thanks tika

  • Morning Tika! Yes still have some chains left! Will send you a PM!

  • roberto, a question for you (you might not know the answer!):

    i use miche sprockets because i think they are rather good and they don't cost too much. the carrier is in my opinion a good idea. however, i've never seen anywhere that sells the sprocket without the carrier and surely you only need one carrier? why aren't the two items sold seperately? i have three sprockets and two unused miche carriers.

  • It's a mistery! Like what came first, the egg or the chicken...

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For Sale: Miche chain £6, BBs, sprockets etc.

Posted by Avatar for Roberto @Roberto