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  • hello friends of fine bikes, I would like to know the reference of this bike, it is in France, the seat post is not original (what do you recommend to replace it?), campagnolo wheels, 6 speeds al , rear, campagnolo front deraileur, omega cx 32x42x52 crankset, spidel 6600 rear derailleur ,, campagnolo brake, simplex shifter, 3ttt stem engraved F Moser, 3ttt handlebar mod grand prix Italy, shimano 105 brake lever (origin?) stikers columbus aelle , 51,151, super prestige Pernod rainbow trophy champion 1978, under crankset 52, Gipiemme axle,, is this a world record model? thank you !

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  • Mid 80s entry level model. I have the '85 model in gold. It was simply called the Aelle due to tubeset used.

  • Anyone familiar with the year(s) Moser's head was used as the headbadge? Working on a 'new' frame; late 70s or very early 80s. Definitely pre-hour record ('84); over the top BB shell cable routing (Camp.); chromed and fluted seatstays with 'MOSER', 'M' cut-outs in head lugs and seat cluster, single slot BB (70mm, Italian) drain w/F Moser stamp, brake bridge F Moser stamp, recessed brake mount, Camp. drop-outs, chromed fork with 'FM' pantograph on crown,seat post 27mm or 27.2mm (need to verify. No decals just remnants and the outline of headbadge.


  • As I attempt to research the decals for my frame I am confused by what is available.
    One set with the Moser 'head' headbadge has 2 decals showing World Championship victories: "CAMPIONE del MONDO SU STRADA 1977" (Champion of World on Road); and "CAMPIONE del MONDO 1976" (Champion of World).
    Another set is identical except it also has 2 World Championship victories: "CAMPIONE del MONDO SU STRADA 1978"; and "CAMPIONE del MONDO 1978". Are these correct; did Moser bikes actually have World Champion decals on them even though he did not win in the indicated year? I did not think he had won that many and checked that 1977 was his only victory for the road race championship, track pursuit victory in 1976. Both sets have the 1978 Pernod trophy win decal for season points so at least that is accurate (I had seen many sellers dating their bikes as from 1978 based on that decal alone). I am now unsure as to where I should order my decals from if I cannot get accurate versions.

  • Just thought I would add to the mix since I doubt there are any Mosers looking quite like this Leader SC (circa 87-88?). I have rebuilt it multiple times, now going for a final build to get it back on the road after being idle for a couple years.
    I did not paint this, but the quality of the work is quite good so a "Colnago" it remains. When I purchased it about 4 years ago I knew it was a Moser, but all of the Colnago logos are painted so it would need a complete repaint to cover them up. It is built with Oria "ribbed" tubing. Final phase has it getting a Chorus 1st generation RD, Super or Nuovo Record FD, black Veloce calipers, black Modolo Speedy levers, Chorus or Croce d'Aune crankset (Moser panto'd large ring), black or red LOOK pedals, black 3t Mutant quill stem or black Cinelli 1R stem w/Moser panto, w/bullhorn bar, Shimano or Camp. bar end shifters, Moser branded black leather saddle, quill post, black headset (whatever I have in the bin), Sun Tour 6 or 7 speed FW, black Mavic rims (whatever I have in the bin).

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  • Leader SC

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  • New project to build up. Anyone used a touch up paint for the blue colour?

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  • Finger nail polish. Easy to match colors

  • Lovely, what's the plan with this?

  • Touch up the obvious paint chips and whack some frame saver in. 10 speed chorus carbon group, hunt sprint polished ally wheels, cinelli oyster stem and bars, white bar tape and saddle, black tyres. Although I might use a 3ttt gun metal stem and bars.

  • Looks good. Do you have the expander seat post?

  • Recommend the 3t Evol 2002 stem for looks/color (gun metal grey/titanium). Here is one on my early 80s Colnago Super:

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  • I do have the quill like seatpost. @hplhpl I do like the evol stems so may have to find one. I like the 3ttt status stems as well but I think the evol size one will match up better with the tube sizing.

  • Finished the bulk of the build, few little finishing touches to do. The bolt holding the seat rails doesn't nip up tight enough and the saddle tilts forward or back a bit depending on weight placement. Managed only to get out very quickly to the bike shop and a pint.

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  • Wonderful!!

  • What a frame.

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  • That frame is stunning! GIVE IT TO ME

  • I wish it was mine.

  • Hi All - I'm new on here and didn't know where to put this, so please excuse cross posting! I have acquired a rather odd Moser frame that I am trying to get some id / background on. I posted in the "Can you help identify...." thread, but realise there may be others on this thread that might be able to help. Please see my other post:­
    The frame (then as a complete bike) was featured on this thread on page 2, uploaded by user Fignon, but he's not been active for ages. Anyone else able to help? Best for now.

  • Picked this frame and quill seatpost up as a winter project. It’s difficult finding info on this model. My best guess is late 90’s Moser Gara 57cm. Built up with Campy 9 spd Chorus. Vitus 979 fork.

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  • Hi All,
    Like many, i'm trying to find some more info on this, in order to sell it.
    Spent 2 years looking for a bike when i bought this one, yet can't remember how i found it or what info i had on it, other than th below:
    *Shimano ultegra 600 group set. This was the top of the range for its kind when it was built in the 1990s.
    *Super rare Dedacciai frame. These were hand built in Italy and it has a unique tubing structure on the top frame (the 'bubble' like tubing).
    *The rear wheel is a Mavic open pro - this is also top of the range for its time.
    *Incredibly light aluminium frame with Carbon forks.

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  • Just stumbled across this - is this yours?

  • I wish. No it isn't.

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Moser owner club

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