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  • Ah usual problem!

    I'm mounting a frameset and got a long steerer, and a new groupset, but not sure what headset to use

  • If it will be your ultimate mounting, you can cut a bit the steerer. I wouldn't do, I'm never sure if I will decide to change the groupset soon or later 😅

  • My faithful AX Leader

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  • in my opinion Leader AX is one of the best ride I ever had. I don't know if is because of the geometry, or because of the tubes or even the wheelset...but I love that bike (^^)

  • It is a great ride!!

  • I just posted this in the mechanics thread but thought someone might be able to advise here too:

    How tight do I want to tighten the quill seatpost on my moser leader AX. The tubing is soooo thin on the seat tube and I don't want to over-tighten and get a bulge!

    Any advice, gratefully received.



  • I only use a standard allen key on mine.

    Tighten it until the seatpost feels secure and give it a test ride to see if it's secure, repeat if necessary until your happy that it won't shift on a regular ride.

    I think you would have to use a massive amount of force to make the quill portion of the post start to damage the seat tube.

  • Thanks - I did that - secured it with an allen key till i thought it was tight enough, sat on it and the post promptly sunk down in to the tube...

    I'll tighten it a little more - was just hoping there might be a magic torque number I could aim for!

    I'm sure you're right about it being difficult to damage, but I will admit to stupidly over-precious about damaging this frame as it took me so long to find!

  • You could use some carbon assembly paste. The grit in it adds friction which will prevent the post from slipping at a lower torque although it may also scuff the post up a bit below the insertion line

  • Thanks not a bad shout... I’ll see how I get on with being a little braver with the Allen key first!

  • Hello fellow Moser fans. I'm getting the itch to add another frame to the collection and am set on finding at Leader AX since I'm mega jealous of all of you that have your filthy paws on that beaut. Anyone know of a 54-56cm frame/fork combo that someone might be hiding away?

  • I actually do. It's the yellow/purple I think I posted on here. I've got two and no need for both.

    Only issue it had the seatpost cut to, but will come with expander post.

  • Finally finished this and wanted to share. My first road build after a fair few fixies/single speeds.

    I fell in love with these frames after seeing a silver/blue/red one on pedalroom. I like all the colour schemes but to my mind, this is the best and I waited 6ish years to find one in my size, in good condition, and at a non-exorbitant price… The build was influenced by one of @Lesente 's a few pages back.

    It rides like an absolute dream and I couldn’t be happier. The only thing I’m going to change is the bar tape which is a bit thick and I’ve already ordered some bike ribbon to replace it with.

    Thanks to all who answered one of my many (mostly Campagnolo-groupset related) questions on here, or sold me something that now adorns this beautiful frame.

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  • Absolute beauty!

  • Beautiful.

    Fizik do their tape in different thicknesses. I think you’ll find ribbon too thin on those bars.

  • Thanks! Yes I suspect you’re right about the bike ribbon but it’s so cheap I thought I’d try it out. I love the finish it has and couldn’t find anything similar. Is there literally no padding?

  • My preferred tape combo is Bike Ribbon with a couple of layers of hockey tape underneath. It's less padded than say cork tape but definitely with a little bit of cush, and more importantly a cleanable, old-school finish. Incidentally I had some classic looking perforated Fizik stuff on there previously but I think Bike Ribbon has a better taper on the edge for a smoother, more comfy finish.

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  • Thanks Phil - yeah I was thinking of padding them out - do you mean hockey stick tape? Any brand recommendations if so? I've never liked the perforated finish which is why I avoided that style - even though it would suit the build.

    I've only ever used grips (Soyo etc...) on my previous bikes so bar tape was a whole new rabbit hole for me. Went with Specialized Roubiax as it was plain and had a nice enough finish but it's definitely too thick for me. I subsequently stumbled upon bar ribbon and it definitely has the nicest finish and is much more era accurate.

  • I've been using Bike Ribbon since the '80s, so glad it's still available. Yeah, hockey stick tape, can't remember which brand I used (this wrap's lasted a few years!) but something like this from Decathlon would probably do the trick.

  • Oh, bloody lovely bike by the way! :-)

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