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  • Dear All

    Hopefully this will work and the picture from the Coach and Horses will appear, as if by magic. If not, I blame my in house IT consultant...........

  • Who's is on the left? Nice

  • That is my lo-pro that I bought off White Flower a week ago. Have been getting photo lessons from Corney, so will try and add in another couple of shots, or is it bad form to post pictures of your own bike? Ah sod it, will give it a go.

  • Nice, stick it in the Names & Faces thread....

  • Can I join the club? I'll be building up a Moser road frame conversion in a month or so.

  • I Have A Moser, Road Conversion
    Super Prestige 1978
    Who's In The Club?

  • think she's in it?:

  • Noooo not her again. I said she cannot join until she cleans up her act......

  • Ask her to use mudguards then

  • hahaha!!
    by the way........i keep falling for that stoopid link

  • Yeah,'ve got it as a 'favourite' now, you dirty dog! ;-)

  • Woof woof! There has yet to be an AGM of the Moser Owners Club, but speaking on behalf of the three inaugeral members, I think all genuine bike owners are welcome, as long as they can find the C & H for Saaaf drinks on a Monday evening, and can bellow as loud as Cornie during a televised football match... no, cancel the last condition, that is just silly.

  • Right here goes, an attempt at posting another picture. But Matt is out, so probably will not work.....

  • mine all mine

  • lush

  • Bloody hell I bet that thing goes fast...

  • its only as fast as the clown that rides it

  • Just finished building mine up, an AX Leader frame from approx 1990 that I picked up cheaply via

    I've mainly used parts I've had laying around bar the wheels that Arup built for me. I'll probably change the bar tape and might put some tan sidewall tyres on it for that proper early 90s look.

    I'll be at Souths tomorrow on it.

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  • Mine.

  • Mine.

  • think she's in it?:

    Holy Christ, I was eating my breakfast!

  • My Leader.

  • seat looks comfy. I'll post a photo of mine in a bit.

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Moser owner club

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