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  • It's not sketchy, but a good 10km of 10% gravel I think. I did it in 2017, but they included it in the Giro 2018, so I believe it has been resurfaced two years ago (hard packed gravel and such), although the pros typicall do this gravel bit as a climb.

    From memory, the gravel bit is only on the Susa side, from the top to this point. Personally I would do it on 28mm road tires with touring setup, so you should be fine, but take a look at it on Street View and decide for yourself. It probably won't be a record breaking discent.

    EDIT: The views will make up for any discomfort/concern during the descent on gravel.

  • Less concerned about braking records than my neck. Route is coming together nicely now with a few of the tips here. I am looking for a better way into the valley past Sestriere from Briancon but without either adding loads of miles or loads of climbing (or both) I think I'm stuck with that main road.I guess as long as I aim not to do it on a weekend or peak holiday season it shouldn't be too bad

  • Less concerned about braking records than my neck.

    Great, then go for it!

  • This looks promising:¬≠

    Easily accessible from London and lots of decent stop-off locations

  • Hiya, does anyone have a route or a few ideas of routes that will take me from the Kent Downs through the High Weald and to the top of the South Downs, above Brighton eg Ditchling or Hassocks? I can get through the Downs fine and pick my way across the flats into the top of the Weald, but there must be a nice way to work East to West through the Weald to the South Downs. All the audax routes I've found mostly go North / South through the Weald, and also the AUK website is chock full of redirects atm because their events and perms have been cancelled . And it's fucking hilly around there so I don't want to punish myself unecessarily (either with hills or busy roads). Cheers

  • Hit me up, I can do this!

  • Me and my friend are thinking of heading from London to somewhere in Cornwall, maybe Penzance or maybe not the whole way.

    We are probably going to pick up the south downs way at Eastbourne, follow it up to Winchester, head across to the new forest and spend some time there. Those are our only plans so far.

    Any other recommendations for places beyond that on the way to Cornwall? Any good routes to pick up.

  • Off to do this in a couple of weeks. Supposed to be ridable on a rigid drop-bar bike but there's some bits that look a bit iffy...

  • I'm off to the North Yorkshire coast on a family holiday next week. My brother and I are hoping to get a couple of rides in whilst we're there. Anyone got suggestions for nice road rides in that part of the world? We're staying near Runswick Bay. Ideally around the 50km mark so that we can get up and get out for a couple of hours in the morning without being too antisocial.

  • As long as you avoid the A171 and A174 and minimise time on the odd B road you'll be grand. Most of the lanes are ace but go north / south so to make a loop you usually need to hop onto a b road for a bit, but otherwise it should be all lovely. You won't need to go v far to get your money's worth out of 50km, all the hills are sharp.

  • Yeah I've spent a fair bit of time there, just never had a bike with me, I'm well aware of how hilly it can get! I've even found a 30% climb which sounds like a great way to ruin a day. Thanks for the tips.

  • Here's a route my mate devised that we rode last Friday.

    Mainly aimed at not only getting some new roads in but also taking advantage of the 20 kph+ south westerly that was blowing along the south coast we used planes (almost), trains and got buzzed by automobiles on a nice loop.

    Posting here as although I live in Epsom and started the ride there it should be available to all who are London based too (you just join the route at a different point).

    I can share the route on Strava but for me it was roughly:

    • ride 30km to an eerily quiet Gatwick
    • train to Haywards Heath (ten minutes/¬£6.60)
    • ride 150km to Folkstone
    • train back to St Pancras (one hour/¬£23 - regular fast trains)
    • ride across town to Waterloo
    • train out to Stoneleigh
    • ride home from there

    I clocked 207 km on strava but I think some of that was a train journey, It should be circa 190 km total.

    Although I used my road bike there were a few gravel/beach sections so a gravel bike can be used too. Having said that it's very doable on a road bike but perhaps don't take your best one.

    Here's my vid of the day to give you a flavour of the ride

    Down by the Seaside


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  • I'm trying to plan a ride for this week, probably around 150km or so, I'm in SE20 so ideally Surrey/Kent. Has anyone got any favourite lanes/routes round there? I've got a few nice ones but fancy branching out from my usual routes!

  • This is a lovely route.

  • Looks great! Cheers, might well give that a punt.

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