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  • Any suggestions for a not horrible route from Sydenham to Canning Town? I'll be riding there and back 5 days a week so ideally relatively direct but don't mind taking a slightly longer route to avoid shitty roads. Is the Waterlink Way a viable way of commuting or is it too busy with pedestrians etc?

  • How bad’s the stretch of road on the way to Epping?

    Thinking of doing this but worried it’ll be busy roads for most of the route

  • If you pass through Luxembourg I can help (we've got a great network of bike paths that are easy to navigate and locals are bike-tolerant on the roads). Last time I'd planned to ride to Strasbourg I was going to ride from Schengen along the French-German border for the most part.

  • That’s exactly what I did. Had a great time. Thanks for the offer.

  • Great! Sorry I missed the message when you posted. When did you come through, it’s been pretty unpleasant riding weather most of the year.

  • Can anyone have a quick look at this (its been a long while since I last went up that way), just to check that I haven't missed a gem of a road, or have chosen a pig of one:

  • You shush you, if I've got all the roads right- its a really nice route.

  • Damn, i missed this! I went that way 5y ago!

    Just looked at Strava, you went south-ish of the Ardennes compared to where we rode

  • That looks great. I would like to do something similar again with more time to go further. How many days did you do that in?

  • It was with my (now) wife and we had plenty of time at hand, so we spread it over 20 days, ~100km/day, which was plenty for her

    Little thread here:­31/
    Wannabe blogger write up here:­/2017/07/20/a-wheeled-business/

  • Hi all, I’m currently looking for an off-road over nighter.

    • off-road where possible
    • start & finish by train to London
    • viable in a weekend
    • discrete wild camp options

    Can anyone suggest me something?

  • I’m off to Canada in August, I’ll be in Calgary and Winnipeg.
    I’m not getting my hopes up but might be able to get some riding in.
    @withered_preacher seem to recall you are in Canada, are you familiar with either?

  • Yah I live in Winnipeg, give me a pm.

  • Bit late on this, but I'm not wild about the section between miles 53-58. Live fairly nearby and they're quite traffic heavy, fast roads, particularly the section along Totteridge Common.

    I'd be inclined to take Quinta Drive, Mays Lane (I have a weird fondness for this road. It's a bit no man's land and has a proper farm on it.) and Barnet Lane instead.

    If you're looking for a bit of gravelle you could cross Arkley open space, go down Arkley Lane and then over onto Quinta Drive.

    You have to access Arkley Open Space from Galley Lane though. Don't be fooled into thinking there's another way over/under the Barnet bypass like the Komoot map seems to suggest. Learnt that the hard way.

  • Has anyone got a nice route from south east London to Ipswich?.

    Edit: looking for a road route!

  • Get up to and then follow Dunwich Dynamo route for most of it?

    Actually probably not as good as I thought - I had it in mind the DD route went closer to Ipswich than it in fact does!

  • yeh dunwich dynamo route is a good one.

  • nav'ing back to ipswitch is pretty easy

  • Far from the whole route, but I did this to go wildcamping by the sea(ish) a couple years back and the 20 miles through Dedham Vale were stunning:

  • Thanks for the tips everyone! Will use those as a rough template.

  • Here's my route from Harwich to Waterloo.
    Shouldn't be too hard to reverse it and redirect the final section to Ipswich — Day 3, Harwich to London, Waterloo

  • Thanks! Are there any sections you'd particularly recommend? Or any you'd avoid?

  • the section out through Mile End and Bow is a bit grim. Plenty of cycle lanes but busy with cars, pedestrians, broken glass but hey, that's London so good luck finding an alternative.

    Other than that Colchester was a bit of a faff to navigate although that was our morning coffee stop so perhaps a bit easier if you are passing straight through.

    Other than that is was all very doable. A few fast roads here and there but you aren't on them very long and on a Sunday they were fine.

  • Thanks for that! I work in Canning Town and have the displeasure of cycling around Mile End/Bow most days so might try and find an alternative way out of town and join the route a bit further out. Might skip Colchester altogether if I head that way.

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