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  • I did this with friends the other week over 3 days with overnights at Rhayader and Bala. It rained. A lot. But is a corker of a route.

  • I’m going with my wife to penzance while she does research for her job but have a day and a half before work at the end of the trip so thought i might change my train and ride some of the way home. I thought i could get to at least exeter to get a train from there. worth it? any road routes?

  • Does anyone have a gravel style route from Canary wharf to say Kingston or Richmond Park? I appreciate options may be limited but something that includes Wapping Pave for example

  • Please can someone either direct me to, or write an IDIOTS GUIDE to how to view .gpx files on an iPhone.

    Can I just reiterate that that needs to be an IDIOTS guide, not just instructions for someone who's a bit 'slow'.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Download BikeGPX -
    AirDrop the .gpx file from your computer to your iPhone
    Select "open in" or "open with app" (can't remember exactly) then "BikeGPX"

  • That's really helpful, thanks.

    How does one 'Airdrop'? Asking for a friend.

  • I'll give it a go, thanks.

  • I rode from Lands End back to London over three days last year, route was pretty decent - the files are on RwGPS, if you're interested drop me a DM and I'll give you the links

  • I rode this in 2018. It was a really nice route, it traces the route that brought news of victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.

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  • your link is private

  • It should be viewable to anyone with a Strava account, it's not set to private. I've added the GPX file to the post as well.

  • Just a quick note to say 'thank you' your help.

    Actually went out on Sunday and followed a route I had downloaded from the interweb.

    Was a bit of a game-changer.

    Having said that, I will always cherish my Luddite tendencies. If anyone wants to do the Trafalgar Way as mentioned by Saffronspokes, I've got it as an OS map!

  • Does this route look decent for a first outing on my gravel bike, leaving from Hackney?­/zoom

    Guess the canal will be busy if I go on a weekend.

  • Never tried that path linking Sewardstone Rd to the bottom of Mott Street, only done it from Daws Hill. Might be muddy, might be gated.
    The part of route between Whitehall Plain and Hollow Pond is pure SFAB this time of the year.
    The canal is not bad early on weekends, especially if going out of London rather than coming back.

    Not sure how familiar you are with Epping, but the main path is a good one to follow for a first outing on a new bike, route below. Have a look on my RWGPS as well if you want, but bear in mind that routes are very much seasonal in Epping.

  • I should have read this post before setting out, it was a bit of a mudbath.. plus got two punctures in quick succession and had to train it home from Chingford. But still weirdly fun! Thanks for the route, I will bank it for next time.

    This section was absolutely horrid, I don't think it's even a path more just a big long clearing, which was mud/frozen puddles and then weirdly some kind of a drainage stream every couple of hundred metres?

    The section you mention was single track out the back of some kind of homestead garden centre thing, pretty brambly and slippy, wouldn't recommend it. Although there was some nice tunnel hedging scenes.

  • Routes out to Chelmsford? The more the merrier. Have quite a bit of ground to cover in that area!!

  • This section was absolutely horrid, I don't think it's even a path more just a big long clearing, which was mud/frozen puddles and then weirdly some kind of a drainage stream every couple of hundred metres?

    Yep, been there, done that, it's bad in Summer, let alone this time of the year. It is a path, although not many people ride there, mostly walkers/horses, hence the lack of a good line.

  • This was much better, thanks! Only bad bit was getting lost in the little section near Woodford after dark, I left a bit late. But no flats this time.

    @giofox do you have an updated route for Cambridge? saw you talking about it a few pages back, maybe it wouldn't be appropriate at this time of year but I'm curious to see what my non-Epping options are from North.

  • Can you share your ride, curious to understand where that place is..

    I do not have an up to date offroad route to Cambridge other than the one posted here a while back. Anyway, going north, my favourite places are towards Herts, particularly Broxbourne Woods and surroundings, the two routes below are always good.

  • My strava is set to private, but it was somewhere in here, might not have even been on a path at that point, it was very hard to see where I was going...

    Thanks for the links. I did look at your RWGPS profile but it only lets me view so far back.

  • I see! Love that little patch of woods, so many good lines (in summer). Looking at that picture in the previous post you probably were by the top left corner where you went back on yourself. That spot is next to a small pond and always muddy in summer as well.

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