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  • I was planning on doing it on a fixed road bike.

    Would you say that is doable on that route? If it's dry.

  • I wouldn't see why not, Titsey hill might be a slog

  • looking for route suggestions for a relaxed 2 day trip (a short trainride away) from London: beginners looking to wild camp, some on 25mm tyres

  • Finally gave this a go on my fixed a couple days ago, cut it slightly shorter to just 100miles, but what a cracking route!

  • Willsden's Last Gasp will probably get you most of the way there.

    I'm planning a 600 up there to do some of the bigger climbs in Shropshire, with a different route back - should have finished it by next week if you can wait.

  • Fantastic, thanks a lot. I'd plotted my own route in the same direction but I've never ridden any of the roads so all guess work and google streetview so I might just ride this one instead if it's an established route.
    I'm going just past Shrewsbury so it looks perfect

    Also I'm going at the end of May so if you have a different route in a week or two, I'd love to see that too

  • Any favourite routes out of Bath? Looking for rides around 100km/1400m+ climbing.

    I’m keen to do a bit more exploring as the restrictions lift. Enjoyed my ride to Cheddar Gorge last weekend.

  • Anyone got a nice route back from Cambridge? Road only.

    Following this one up there which I've done before, would be nice to have a loop back rather than ride the same roads.

    Any recommendations for food stops either in Cambridge or en route there or back would be great.

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  • Take a look at this (rode it a few weeks back), but it seems it matches your route for a fair bit

  • ah thank you. Actually, after storking pelham(?) your route diverges and goes into and back out of cambridge a totally different way so this is great.

  • I'm planning a century with a few friends for the Restrap solstice thing. We're thinking we'll enjoy ourselves more if 50 out of the 160km isn't getting in to and out of London so thinking of getting a train out to Sevenoaks and doing a loop round there. Anyone got suggestions for nice lanes/spots round that neck of the woods? Not looking to knock out too many hills!

  • you could amend this to be a bit shorter, it was nice iirc (but i did ride it in november 2018)

    oh, wait, it wasn't that I rode, it was this

  • Actually asking a similar question to above, though a 160km route that starts in SE London would be ideal for my solstice ride. Done some nice ones out and around tunbridge wells recently so something a bit different would be lovely!

  • Ooh that looks lovely! Might I add I was planning on adding as many gravely/bridleway paths to make the ride less road oriented. But this definitely looks like a nice route, I’ll have to go through and see if there’s any nearby pathways I can’t take to follow this route.

  • Just got home had a better look at this, thought the route looked familiar, I had done my own shortened version of your teapot ride earlier in the year!

  • Got this route made up tonight after editing a nice route I found on Komoot along the Downs Link. Now as my first time using Komoot to plan a long route would anyone be able to give it a quick over to see if theres anything that could be changed?

  • Is the normal Dunwich Dynamo route the same route people would use to ride back into London (in day time) from Dunwich or are there better options please?

  • it's pretty direct but I found a lot of the B roads were a bit dull during the day. That may have been fatigue talking though. It's not a bad route. I'd bear in mind the wind direction though, the prevailing is from the SW which can get a bit tedious on a windy day.

  • Thanks. My plan, as in past years, is to park the car at a friend's, ride back, do the DD with my wife, then drive home after a kip. I have never actually managed to organise any of this but every year I have it in mind

  • Thinking of cycling Whitehaven to Newcastle, anyone done this ride before?

  • Got a week away in Bridgnorth, Shropshire next week. Any good routes around there?

  • I'm going camping with some mates in the New Forest (at New Forest Water Park more specifically which is about 25km north of Bournemouth it looks like) next month and thinking I might look at fitting a 200km ride in to get myself there as that months RRTY ride. Does anyone know any nice routes from London to the area? Possibly adapt a London-Portsmouth/London-Bournemouth ride if there's any people would recommend? Everyone else is driving down so can happily chuck all my camping gear and clothes in the cars.

  • There's an OG forum route to Poole or Bournemouth. Thread will be out there somewhere.... a couple of mass rides happened long ago. It was a decent route post London.

  • Thanks, I've decided I want to visit Stonehenge on the way so have ended up adapting some other rides to get out that way and then used the Wiltshire Council 'Connecting Wilthsire' info to get to Salisibury and then from there on to a village a few KMs away from the campsite. Then made up the last little bit. Haven't done a full check of the surfaces on the route yet but the bit from Stonehenge to the end all looks to be well surfaced so should be ok.

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