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  • Was thinking about this the other day and toying with the idea of doing an app with the RWGPS API to recommend anyone public routes based on the routes someone rode most recently, sort of how stores recommend you products based on what you are buyng and other people that bought the same "also bought x/y/z"

  • I cycle down into Kent mostly from Brixton and i'm fairly happy with going up past Biggin Hill.

    I guess the other two main accessible areas are Surrey Hills/Epping. Given they're so popular so I figured there must be some classic routes and then freestyle from there.

    Not looked at anything for Epping yet (there are few further up but would need to check their not gravel) but the last route I cycled to Box Hill was bleak.

    @giofox here's hoping you get time - even just public rating of routes would be an helpful.

  • I'm planning on doing the Restrap Solstice Century next weekend, just trying to work out a fairly gentle road route (because I'm not really fit enough to be riding 100 miles tbh). Knocked this up on Komoot, including some familiar roads and some random ones. Any bits on there that are worth changing?­f=atd

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  • Have you done the HDIJ route from earlier this year? It's not quite 100 miles but probably more gentle than what you've drawn.

    Between 4 and 9 on your route is pretty hilly, nothing huge but a lot of up and down. 5,6,7,8 is basically high weald which means lots of small hills. I wouldn't call it gentle...

  • If you are after flatter Lingfield is where you want to head

  • Ah I might need to rethink! Komoot suggests that that route has less climbing than the slightly extended HDIJ route I did a few weeks ago but your right, it's very up and down. Komoot never seems to be accurate for that anyway.
    @GoatandTricycle I'll have a look round there, any particularly nice bits to try and get in?

  • I don’t really know it, just planning a tile bagging route. Are you going to try do the F500? Could try hook up for that ride...

  • I was hoping to have a pop at the Festive 500 but it looks like we're hosting Christmas this year (Covid willing) and I feel like it'd be bad form to disappear for most of the time people are visiting! We'll have to try and meet up for a ride soon though.

  • As ltc, we're planning on doing the restrap solstice century next weekend too and I've put myself forward as route planner. The thing is though I'm a lot more used to routing around Hampshire and we're setting off from Alexandra Palace.

    Would anyone have a decent, not too hilly 100 miler that might suit? Ta.


    Just drew this but it's a bit lumpy, might be ok.

  • This section might be better with bigger than road tyres..
    What you running?

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  • Well spotted. Hopefully next week should be a bit dryer so should be ok on 28s by Saturday?

  • This is the gentlest route out of SE London I know and can easily be made shorter. Some absolutely banging lanes, very quiet once you leave Seal.

  • That looks decent actually, cheers! I'm relatively new to London so still have lots of exploring to do, will be sure to give a variation of that route a whirl, even if not this weekend.

  • I’m with family in Ravenshead near Nottingham. Snuck my bike on the rack before we left home. Never ridden around here, and was planning on just jumping on the bike and seeing where I ended up but if anyone has a route that they could share for around this neck of the woods I’d be very grateful.

  • I remember reading about the London m25 orbital routes, I thought it was here but search didn't throw anything up, nor on the rest of the forum.

    Does anyone have any links or personal routes for it to share?

  • check the london orbital audax route

  • ah, thanks.

  • Did you do this in the end, and how was the route? It's a very handy start point for me

    Also where you come back under the M25 at the end looked like this (going the other way) just after Xmas

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  • I rode this last summer. I mixed a few routes and in the end put together my own. It's a decent route with the following notes:

    • You may want to reroute the North Downs bit around Caterham if you don't fancy gravel / mud (at this time of the year)
    • From Leatherhead to Iver is pancake flat, check the wind on the selected day and then do it in the direction to have it behind you if possible.
    • The bit near St Albans is also rather forgettable.

  • Oh wow, there's gonna be some flooded roads this weekends.

    We never did the route in the end, I think it was when lockdown was serious business.

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Routes Database

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