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  • In honour of today's Giro stage 10 which passed through Roseto degli Abruzzi at 77.3km to go here are four routes I've ridden when based there for a cycling holiday.

    It's a lovely little holiday resort mainly used by Italians rather than other nationalities. I was 100 metres from the beach and would walk my wife there and leave her for the day then head off into the mountains. It's easy to get up to 1,000 m altitude within 30km of the town and then head back down and hook up with my wife for lunch and dipping my toes in the warm Adriatic.

    I've spent a week there in May and in September and it's a lovely, comfortable 25C.

    Cinque Colli (five hills)

    Favourite route

    Lake and back

    Talking Italian (shortened version of lake and back route)

    Bonus video of one of the rides where my italian cycling buddy who owns the property I stayed in hooked me up with his local riding group. I don't speak Italian and they didn't speak much English but we still managed to get a great Sunday morning ride in.

    I don't mean to stereotype but we started with a coffee, rode to a coffee stop and then finished with a coffee. We also caught similar rain to that experienced on today's stage although the rest of the week was bone dry and sunny.

    Robert de Niro's Waiting

    Edit: I realised I had a fourth route so have added this too

  • sounds good. Quite fancy the sound of this next year when Corona finally does one. Did you use your own bike or is there somewhere to hire there?

  • I often take my own bike on road trips but for this one decided that flying with my wife I would spare her the hassle and rent one locally. Rented it from Top Bike in the nearby town of Pineto for a pretty good rate.

    It was an alu Focus with 105 gruppo and was more than capable and the bike shop were very helpful in terms of booking in advance via email, collecting and sizing and providing various accessories such as a Garmin mount etc.

    I think it was €50 for 4 or 5 days.

    Edit: another edit here with better weather and more countryside to view plus the bike shop at the start

    Ray of Light

  • How close to Cambridge did you get before the mud became too much? Probably cycling to Bury St Edmunds this weekend and thinking about routes, could try an off road slog towards Cambridge and then hop on the roads I know and do the last bit or may just be better off going on the road bike

  • Has anyone got suggestions for nice routes or nice sections south of London? I moved to SE20 a few months ago and have been enjoying exploring Surrey, mostly around Biggin Hill, Caterham, Redhill etc but some tips from people who know the area better would be appreciated!

  • Have you ridden any lost lanes rides? they are good.

  • How far do you want to ride? This is one of my favourites routes at the moment

    or this variation with a flatish loop

  • How long? How far?

  • I haven't! Will check some out though. Recommendations for nice rides anywhere between about 50-150km appreciated. Thanks the suggestions so far!

  • This was a nice route actually. Based on a few nice lanes I'd been down before, a couple of Komoot highlights and then letting Komoot fill in the rest whilst doing everything possible to avoid Croydon.­ef=atd

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  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a road route from East London to Chipping Norton (or at least to Oxford)?

    I'm leaning towards just jumping on the train to Amersham and going from there, unless anyone has any highlights out through north west London?

  • Looking for an offorad way through St. Albans/Hatfield/Welwyn to cut diagonally SE/NW. Basically I am trying to find bridleways to reach the Chiltrens from NE London.

    That area looks quite dense with development/industrial estate/car dedicated infrastructure

  • This route might help give you some inspiration - it's pretty much all off road or quiet lanes from Barnet to Kings Langley:

  • That's what I was after, thanks!

  • @tracks
    I have segments of a route but can't find it immediately. I would recommend either a train to Slough (Pad) or Amersham (Marylebone) as you suggest. It is flat and boring to Slough and busy and lumpy to Amersham/Chesham through London. Unless you have a strong desire to traverse London's famous London you'll have a nicer ride if you start at one of those stations

    There is a route (hard day in Jan) here you can fashion. As I said start at Slough/Langley rather than Staines

    @Tracks - route from Slough station to Hook Norton (next village)
    Apart from Henley upon Thames bridge it is quite lovely­873

    If you need a route to Slough I can give you that

  • Thanks again @amac090 for the input, I pieced together this route for a Novemeber muddy 2 day-er. Never been offroading around the Chiltrens, but it seems there are a ton of trails/bways (and gates).

    As usual any input is more than welcome.

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Routes Database

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