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  • Hisingen blues

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  • Look at all those Bluesbreaker combos, nice...

  • on a femme fronted retro metal jag atm.


  • Lovely Nicke...

  • I've been on a massive psych kick lately. I love everything these guys have done


    Seeing them in Feb at the Underworld

  • the prophet is heroic

  • https://youtu.be/-sPG5t-SecM

    Guy from Marduk's other band.

  • https://youtu.be/0-gk_gGgJBA

    Guy from Kvelertak among others.

  • https://youtu.be/3JuATOS9M-8

    Pretty good BM stuff.

  • That's all from Sweden and Norway for now. G'night!

  • This is such a great album. One of my top ten for 2018. It’s feels fucking unhinged!

  • top ten for 2018

    This, fantastic album.

  • I'm off to see Decapitated in a couple of weeks, their last album came out in 2017 but I've been listening to it basically non-stop since then.

  • One of the guys who bought Nazi material from Northern Resistance Movement or one of the guys in a band with guys that buys Nazi material from NMR?

    The vocalist who won't comment on his obsession with writing song after song and album after album about Nazis other than to say he's a history buff?

    Genuinely not trying to to troll you here but I think it's paramount that any discussion of any band like this highlights that they're at the very least Nazi sympathizers. The perpetual skimming over of this as problem that otherwise completely reasonable people do when recommending bands is staggering.

    Listen to Underdark https://underdark.bandcamp.com/ or anything released by React With Protest instead.

  • A couple of mates of mine in Brisbane had a U-boat themed rock'n'roll band, they all dressed as German submariners onstage... Nick is totally obsessed with U-boats and all the songs were about being a submariner during the world wars, he abhors Nazis but it's true to say you're on very dodgy ground with even something like that... They split up a couple of years back...

  • Wasn't aware (genuine ignorance). But it's a problem with a lot of BM music I like, that the bands/musicians are bonkers. Burzum - Vikernes is completely mental. Dissection - Nötveidt also nuts. Both convicted murderers etc.

    The perpetual skimming over of this as >problem that otherwise completely >reasonable people do when recommending >bands is staggering


  • The whole scandi bm scene is tits deep in nazism / proto fash odinism bollocks far beyond vikerenes and his pisswilly posturing. Which is a shame.

  • For sure even if you're a passionate historian/military enthusiast with a genuine hate for Nazis it is a very delicate line you're trying to walk, and certainly once you get in to costume element I'd say it was particularly ill-advised. Interested to know if he ever spoke of or acknowledged the kind of cognitive dissonance at play here.

    Aye, I understand and also apologise for sounding a bit condescending, however I kind of think that the whole NSBM thing is so well known that it's basically Black Metal 101 to do at least a cursory glance in to any band before listening/recommending them. That and the fact that's not hard to find a lot of really very good BM with no NS ties gives removes any leg to stand on when it comes to listening/promoting bands like Burzum/Graveland et al.

    Not meaning to labour the point but the whole separating the art for the artist narrative the persistently put forward by people across all art mediums at at best apologist bullshit and just enables these poisonous ideologies to be more easily perpetuated.

    I wholeheartedly recommend giving any and all of these a listen of which I've no doubt you'll be familiar with many so please forgive that:
    Wolves in the Throne Room
    Ash Borer
    Mutilation Rites
    Dawn Ray'd
    Allfather - more thrashy than BM but also playing in New Cross next week
    Underdark - yes sorry I'm repeating them here

    Also look http://red-and-anarchist-black-metal.tum­blr.com/tagged/music or https://r-a-b-m.blogspot.com/ should yield you with some excellent leads.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=322NzXR3­n4o

    Varg is pissed off that it's centred more around Euronymous...

  • And is being played by a Jewish lad. Probably.

  • Undoubtedly super late to this but Pensées Nocturnes - Grand Guignol Orchestra is utterly bonkers, French avant-garde, circus inspired experimental metal?


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Heavy Metal

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