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  • I only just saw about the October gig yesterday, I'll try and get a ticket after payday if there's any left. I've bought one for Conan on Dec 1st which should be good.

  • My mates band are doing a free gig at Birthdays this Thursday

  • Let me know if you get a ticket. Happy to buy you a beer. Simply look for the oldest guy at the gig.

  • Probably see you there, I don't really expect it to sell out and the venue is right near my office.

  • It will be one of those gigs to get to early. Slightly more excited to see Inter Arma although Deafhaven should be excellent.

  • https://youtu.be/sGXLsxUInvw

    Not strictly metal but certainly heavy. I think if they wanted to Thee Oh Sees could be a straightforward metal band and be absolutely brutal but I’m glad they’re too weird to do that.

  • I don't why, but I spent some of last night listening to the post 2012 Witchcraft output. What happened there? First three albums are great - the first in particular is one of my genuine favourite albums - but after the break, Magnus utterly lost it and doesn't seem to have recovered. Maybe Hoyles had a lot more input than I had thought?

    Magnus is also somewhat questionable as a frontman without the guitar.


    Such a shame.

  • i listened to this yesterday - it is one of their better albums imo. not that keen on ^that track, but i agree they def do heavy.

  • i gave up after the alchemist, but i kinda overloaded on the scandi proto-doom stuff and the vocals started to do my pumpkin in.

  • Alchemist was my stopping point too. Judging by last nights look, I think you made a wise choice.

    Also had a good dose of Kossoff last night, who ain't metal, but is a motherfucker of a player.

  • They kinda lost me on the 12 min noodle track in the middle but I like the rest of the album a lot. The sweet spot for thee oh sees seems like the 3-5 min length. The nice thing is though if an album doesn’t do it for you you can just wait a few months and there’ll be another one out lol

  • Deafheaven

    Cheers, they seem really good! Passing through my town in a few weeks too, will try to catch them.

  • Hahaha and also hated by a number of black metal internet warriors apparently. Never read the comments etc etc

  • The kvltists always make for a good laugh. See the whole Liturgy saga for more :)

  • Saw this tour in Bristol, it was amazing.

    YOB are playing in October too.

  • Never seen Yob in spite of meaning to for endless years. Having kids really put a brake on my going to shows.

  • Having kids really put a brake on my going to shows.

    This. Why wasn't I told I'd need to reign in the beer & concertgoing.

  • Fuck, Deafheaven show has sold out.

  • new Mare album is great, v. spooky; much atmosphere etc.

  • Love, Mare, not on Spotify though.

  • Today's post:

  • New Bongripper? Been a while since I had a listen to them!

    Thinking about it, I've a Conan/Bongripper split 12" I might sell off, if I can find it.

  • Yes, new. I don't have the Conan split. They only had stickers left by the date I saw them that tour.

  • UK tour starts today

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  • New single by High On Fire released -
    Spewn from the earth.
    HOF are going from strength to strength and don't release a bad tune.

    There is no greater band touring and releasing heavy music - IMO.

    London show at the Tufnell Park Dome on 15/10/18 will be outstanding

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Heavy Metal

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