Heavy Metal

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  • At the Underworld? That's a shame, terrible venue...

  • I'd agree, but I've had so many good times there and I know what to expect soundwise. If I was walking into the venue for the first time I'd probably cry.

  • It's great if you're near the front, hard place to get to in London... I saw them here in Brisbane and was standing less than four feet from the guitarist...

    In fact, our primo rock venue is very similar to the Underworld, crap unless you're near the stage...

  • awesome. except that i am in bristol in the 10th and london on the 14th.

    cock and ballz

  • Much sold. Very out.

    If you have a spare, drop us a PM. Ta!

  • Maybe for you fannies

  • Let me get back to you

  • I got a bit too hammered and don't remember a thing past Dragonaut. Apparently, I had a great time.

  • That was good last night! Got my usual space at the front on the left. Cough were immense, really what I was in the mood for. Took me a couple of songs to switch mood for Elder...but Jack Donovan... My kind of bassist! And just came across as being so happy to be playing, he made my night.

  • Forgot Elder were playing, but saw them at Desertfest earlier in the year.

    I like the fact that throughout the history of the band Mr Donovan has visibly turned from a clean cut college boy into a total hesher. Full respect.

  • Fuck yeh. I love elder. Seen them 3 times. My girlfriend and I went to cologne to see them on our first holiday together 3 years ago. They've then played Edinburgh twice since then, last time was just last week. So good.

    On another note, I can't stop watching this. The drumming is insane, the whole performance looks amazing, and after the solo at 3.30 when the riff and the drums come back in is amazing.


  • Red fang and Kvelertak last weekend. Fun times!

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  • fuck a duck. where was this evn?

  • Two evenings. Red Fang in Malmö and Kvelertak in Gothenburg. Phew!

  • Awesome! Aaron signing your PBR LARP helmet? 🙃

  • I have a spare for Hark / Black Tusk on Thursday. Just throwing it out there.

  • your PBR LARP helmet?

    Sadly not mine. Three guys were wearing beercan helmets and got them signed... I made do with a humble wefie/selfie, whatever the correct term is. Really nice guys, same thing last time I saw them. Came out after the show to chat with people, shake hands and sign things.

  • Nice - saw Red Fang and Kvelertak in Stockholm on Thursday and Friday of that week. Unfortunately Red fang started their set prior to 9 pm sp missed almost half an hour of their set. What is the deal with headliners being done prior to 10.30?

  • Just got around to listening to Drunk in Hell. My that's good. Chick Flick@20.20.


  • They're old and on a gruelling tour schedule. They need to get back to the hotel for a nap ;)

  • Hark and Black Tusk were excellent. Maybe 100 people there, a nice intimate gig.

  • Got 2 spare tickets for Entombed A.D., Voivod, and Conan at The Underworld tomorrow if anyone wants. £5 off face value.

  • Got two spare tickets for Entombed A.D., Voivod, and Conan at The Underworld tomorrow for £5 under face value if anyone wants.

  • Just bought me some tickets for High on Fire 11 december. Hope Matt the shirtless wonder is as good as last year.

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Heavy Metal

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