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  • Is it both sides stays or just non driveside?


  • Too much hopping

  • Shit.

  • oh god, mister death strikes again. I better start saving for another bike

  • Jaysus. Surely it can be fixed...

  • who's Shirley?

  • Both.

    [stupidquestion] can you not weld the stays back onto the frame? Get a framebuilder to sort it, send the bill to Mister X? [/stupidquestion]

  • Yeah, I'd get Ryan to fix it and send a bill, but, being italian, i'd ask them if this was okay before proceeding.

  • ^ +1

    Ask them first, get it fixed, send the bill but make sure Ryan or whoever is fine with that way of sorting it. He might ask you to front the money, which would only be fair so he's not got anything outstanding afterwards.

  • Exactly, I'm sure it'd be the easiest and quickest way for both parties in getting it sorted. Shipping a frame, either damaged or repaired, is a bit silly.

  • I would want my money back.

  • this^

  • Ryan says the whole seat tube would need replacing. This would cost more than the frame.

  • contact the italians, and see what they say, ideally I would ask for money back or at the very least a new frame, of that is a no-no, get them to pay the fix

  • I would want my money back.

    your coneja is nice aswell....hehehehe....

  • money back should be the very least they can do, doubt they will be selling many more frames if they dont

  • Re: The dude who made the bike has yet to reply as per Tim, chill guys.

  • beagle telling people to chill, ha!

  • boom

  • https://www.lfgss.com/thread77750.html#p­ost3028807
    my new polo bike, a couple of things to be ironed out but now I need to actually go and play some polo

  • Why would you iron a bike? Silly.

  • To get all the creases out?

  • I see marinobike lurking...

  • My Mister X is now at Argos cycles having a quick fix. I couldn't quite grasp what they were going to do exactly, but it involved silver and reaming. They reccommended seeing how this holds up before taking any drastic action and is incredibly reasonable at a mere £40.

    No reply yet from Mister X.

  • NO REPLY YET? That's a bit shocking. We found a little crack in Alexis' seatstay join too :<

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Polo Bikes

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