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  • Also heat while twisting at the vice it helps a lot

  • Looks like it'll be the caustic soda route. I've tried all other methods and that post ain't moving.

    I'm heading away this weekend so I was thinking of leaving it soaking in the caustic soda until I get back on monday then doing the whole empty, refill, empty, refill over the following days.

    Watch this space

  • So after roughly 60 hours and 2kg of caustic soda the seat post is out of there. Works so well and I didn't melt my hands off.

    Time to start building up this bike

  • Brilliant! Photos please :D

  • This is what was left of the seatpost. Ill get a pick of the bike later as I've currently got it drying

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    • IMG_20170901_083011.jpg
  • I have a Small Hija de la Coneja frame and bits if anyone would be interested?

    I have the wheels and other bits with it too. If there is interest I can price it all up. I am moving soon so it needs to go, just sat in the loft right now

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    • IMG_20130417_190952.jpg
  • Here you go

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    • IMG_20170901_201807.jpg
  • And again

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    • IMG_20170901_201919.jpg
  • @Go_Kat might be looking for something this size.

  • She's coming along nicely. I just need a 26.8mm seatpost, brake lever (being supplied by a mate), chain ring, chain and brake cable then it's polo time

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    • IMG_20170903_172849.png
  • Hmmmm.... Maybe, just maybe... :D


  • Question: Why do polo guys seem to like Ergons so much?

  • It's comfy since we steer most of the time single handed.

  • Haven't seen this little gem for quite some time... :D

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    • 20180125_202730.jpg
  • I need those forks .!!

  • Finally got around to turning my Oak into something a bit more fun for rolling along the waterfront... Feels great!

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    • IMG_20200809_162743.jpg
  • happy slaining

  • Any more polo camps on the horizon? I'll come down and see you next time... 🖤

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Polo Bikes

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