Birmingham Bike Polo (Wednesday nights / Sundays - info in the thread)

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  • Couple of games of polo followed by a beverage of your choice at the local.
    We have enough mallets for y'all.

  • I'm there

  • i'm there

  • I'm interested but do you know what numbers we're looking at? It seems as though it'd be a bit of a waste if we couldn't pull together a nice amount of people.

  • Therell be people toby, not like christmas!

    Amy shall be coming over from leamington spa with all her mallets. All of fins mates from locality (selly oak) will probably show.

    All you have to do is get there.

  • I'll be there

  • Just realised that sunday may well be sub zero.

    Its unlikely they grit neglected basketball courts so perhaps its best that a couple of us go grit it in the morning?

    Find one of those yellow bins and bag a few scoops, then pour it on the court?

  • ... and clean yer bikes up proper afterwards! That salty stuff eats bikes.

  • I'd be there if I wasn't going to see this:

  • I'll be there!

  • I'm up for it

  • gonna be a bit late tomorrow. Can you give me your number sham?

  • Sorry couldn't make it, my attempts to get there were thwarted by the gods of fate (in the form of network rail replacement bus services who refused to transport my bike!). So now stuck in London until tomorrow, when bike-carrying capacity trains are resumed.

    Please let me know when you are playing next - am uber keen to put into practice my mallet-handling skills!

  • I was gonna come and take photos but didn't get a text back from Shamim - there was no way I was gonna ride to Selly Oak without knowing that people were definitely gonna be there (no internet at home to check this site either)

  • When is the next event Sir Allah?

  • (re)Building the mallets this weekend to a higher standard. While I will miss shards of piping flying through the air it will make the games last longer.

    If people want a knock around I'm up for it most evenings (depending if the flood lights work) or on weekends. Need to get some practice in if we're going to take on london, manchester and oxford crews.

  • Im recovered now, so up for coming over whenever - Tommorow?

    For a roll & whack.

  • Fin dont listen to DFP ^^^ hes a wasteman.
    Dude doesnt even answer my questions.

    Can you PM me you number fin?
    Hope all is well with your blog too...

  • Why don't we just start doing it every other week on a certain set day?
    We get some regularity in then it should be fineee.

  • Fin, email me via fixup site when the next event is confirmed so I can post details

  • Last minute mallet mash up.
    What time is best for everyone - 2pm provisional?
    Weather permitting.


  • ^^Yes^^

  • I must have posted on the other polo thread that you started. I suggested adding a friendly night time polo game as a finale to the track punks event. What say ye?

  • Sounds good to me, jumpers for goal posts!

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Birmingham Bike Polo (Wednesday nights / Sundays - info in the thread)

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