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  • Madrid just got a lucky pen there. Ronaldo tackled just on the edge of the box. Falls inside. Penalty. And they are pressing really strongly as Barcelona kick off..

  • Ah fucking diving scene across the real team is really shitty. Bale has picked it up quickly......

  • I hate Sergio Ramos but that was a ridiculous dive.

  • Mind you Neymar just did a beaut to get a penalty!

  • Yes Omar, Bale never dived in the PL…
    Two penalties that shouldn't have been. Even if there was contact, Marcelo had it covered.

  • That's you on ignore for talkin constant shit.


    Tis tru though.

  • Warnock to replace Davies at the shitty ground.

    *taps nose.

  • football managers telling jokes on bbc 4 now

  • and that is why barca are the best

  • Stream went down for me , was ramos right to be sent off or was it a dive.? Can't stand Ramos but the game deserved to be 11vs11.

  • not really...very little contact

  • Shame. Would have liked to have seen/heard the game with full teams and not had any bitching point to see a result.

  • it was definitely the best el clasico of the last 4/5 years Id say

  • I'm glad Barca won, not only because they're not Real, but because it sets the end of the season up much better.

  • pretty much all of those penalties were soft. I'd be upset if they were given against my team. Was looking beautifully balanced until Ramos got sent off.

    But two perfect penalties by messi, same side both times, first one low and in the corner, the second one high and in the corner. Keeper had no chance.

    Sets up the end of the la liga season beautifully, three teams in it, looks like real have the slightly easier run in, and there's the possibility that we might have an end of season title decider between atletico madrid and barca..


  • Highlights

    But more importantly, who the fuck is the Geordie commentator absolutely mangling the English language? I thought Jim Beglin was intolerable, this guy is on a whole new level.

    'The dark invader with his death ray hit again.'
    'That is what the invisible man looks like'

  • Have we reached the part of the season where Corny becomes a Barca fan yet? x

  • Have we reached the part of the season where Corny becomes a Barca fan yet? x

    No. This year he's an Athletico fan.

    Bringing rage from Jaw everytime he gets it wrong and blames his fat fingers and his iphone.

  • We really tonked Forest didn't we?

  • Mike, you're more intelligent than that. City will win the league. If all top 3 teams win their remaining games than they will win it, that's why they're favourites for the title.

    thats impossible though liverpool play citeh and cfc

  • Warnock to replace Davies at the shitty ground.

    *taps nose.

    I saw him walking up Regent St yesterday, he was wearing wrap around shades, had his serious face on and I can confirm he was heading north.

  • We really tonked Forest didn't we?

    Oh yes.

  • thats impossible though liverpool play citeh and cfc

    IF Liverpool beat Sunderland and City fail to beat the Scum then in Thrushys eyes at least, Liverpool will suddenly become favourites as it will be in our hands. Win every game and the title will be ours.
    If that happens, it will be at that point that he will turn his amateur psychological tricks onto Liverpool. Will be very interesting if it does

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