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  • VAR reviewed it too. Mad how that isn’t a red card.

  • Pretty sure Højbjerg went over and gave Cucurella a big Sideshow Bob gesture, as if to say "WTF did you expect to happen with that massive 'do???!!!"

  • Funking terrible reffing. How that hair pull isn't at least a yellow card and a free kick and of course Harry kane gets the equaliser.ffs.

    On a brighter note chelsea played much quicker with more intensity and then Kante does his hamstring. ffs.

  • Pretty much every single pre match article and podcast had Spurs down as clear favourites. The only reasons we didn’t get 3 points is our refusal to convert decent chances and abysmal refereeing.

  • Just as bad as all the toxic macho posturing of the managers and ridiculous ref decision on the hair pull, was Souness and his post match boomer spiel about how football is a “man’s game” and how “we got our football back”. While Karen Carney is sitting next to him…

    Sky’s post match analysis seems to be geared entirely toward baiting pundits into saying the most sensational one dimensional opinion so they can put the clip all over social media for the next week for the clicks.

  • Souness is properly shit. Feels like a daily mail rant column every time he opens his mouth.

  • Yet people like Pat Nevin get constantly overlooked. IMO one of the best voices in football.

  • Lots of bedwetting from a team that brought Costa to the PL!

  • Sad news of Lenny Johnrose, a lower league stalwart, passing away from motor neurone disease.

    An extract from his book:

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  • Lol they said Nunez was good with his head but I’m not sure that’s quite what they were talking about

  • That Diaz goal was a bit special

  • Palace aren’t a turnover. Makes me more happy with Arsenals result on the first day. Impressed with vieira and Eze is a player.

  • oh no, have we got ourselves another luis suarez
    anyone know what nunez's disciplinary record was like in portugal ?

  • I think the commentators said he was sent off once for Almeria, no problems at Benfica.

  • phew
    1st start at anfield and maybe he let the moment get the better of him

  • probably frustrated in himself at not playing particularly well, what a nob. His time out will probably do Liverpool good, they definitely seem to have just gone all in on hoof it into the box.

  • just seen the highlights of him vs the defender
    there's continual contact and pushing from the defender every time they come together, i can see why he got wound up
    no excuse mind

    reading about when mane joined and he was a bit of a fire brand, klopp had to calm him down, i don't think nunez is anywhere near as bad, klopp's got this

  • Well he’s only made it worse for himself, every team will have someone designated to wind him up and try and get him booked now.

  • This. Massive target on his back now. Trust him to return the favour with 20+ goals a season like Suarez though. He already looks well at home in the league. Unlike Lisandro Martinez.


    ^video of interactions preceding the headbutt(s)

    obvs agree the red was correct - but weird to see how many people are legitimately saying the defender hadn't committed any fouls and was brilliant (at not getting penalised, perhaps)

  • whats the weird yawning thing he does just before he falls over - sorry, just before the headbutt throws him to the ground?

  • He was shouting timberrrrr!

  • Liverpool fans showing once again how they're the best fans in football sending the guy hundreds of death threats.

  • Chelsea fans pretending to be Liverpool fans?

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