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  • The real question is whether the many billion year lifespan and infinite breadth of the universe is sufficient to contain all the arsenal-related disappointment

    Science suggests not

  • There’s always time to be disappointed by arsenal.

  • The answer to the question “what existed before the Big Bang?” is “the dim reverberation of an apoplectic voice yelling ‘Wenger out’”

  • Not that long since Arteta out was being uttered. It's a period of adjustment for sure!

  • Go on Sunderland

  • Yeah good to see Sunderland back where they belong...

  • The Athletic has a story that La Liga is complaining to UEFA about Mbappe not moving

  • Turns out I bring disappointment to Atalanta as well as Arsenal . Lovely stadium though. Lots of nice old school warm fuzzies.

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  • Why did they build your stand across the road from the pitch?

  • Ground looks different since I last went. Had the pleasure of seeing Claudio Caniggia play a few minutes for them in Serie B in like 2000 or something.

    On a clear day it is pretty atmospheric but when the clouds coming rolling down it was a bit grim. The new plans look pretty cool, they’ll finally have a proper football stadium in a few years.

  • Why did they build your stand across the road from the pitch?

    Wide angle shot at the very back of the stand. There wasn't allocated seating so we milled about a fair bit.

    Really nice experience. Fans seemed really pleased to have foreign football fans pay a visit. People kept buying us beers which kind of ruined my plans to not get too pissed.

  • (tiny violin)

  • Please tell me this is nonsense...

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  • Sunderland back where they belong...

    Bottom half of the championship.

  • I read similar terms earlier this week. It is one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard. Who’d want to manage there now? Manager to report directly to Mbappe.

  • Been saying it a few seasons now. Mbappe an extremely talented young man, surrounded and being nurtured by headmelters like Neymar… he was slowly becoming a bit of a dickhead.

    And this is the nadir. Approving signings and deciding the coach. Wanker.

  • We should all approve of this. This model of ‘club run by overpaid egos’ guarantees that PSG, despite all their insane riches and apparent immunity to FFP, will never win anything of note.

  • They’re a largely irrelevant club playing in an irrelevant league that is struggling to stay alive.

    I can understand why La Liga gets their knickers in a twist as they’ve finally tried to address ffp somewhat, probably more than any league in Europe but they’re still a basket case, at least some effort is being made. Doesn’t take away that tebas is bit of a prick mind.

  • Someone who's looking for a massive payday and who doesn't care about the club. I'll do it.

  • come on villa

  • City are going to put five or more past villa, let’s not kid ourselves

  • pmsl how have villa scored here. the customers looking happy at anfield, though in truth wolves could have had a couple more

  • Imagine Villa actually best City and then Liverpool fuck it up by drawing.

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