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  • To be fair - you are proof that there are good people who are also Chelsea fans.

    I do think it is a shame that a historic club can get itself into this situation due to its ownership. Perhaps a lesson to Newcastle and City fans that now is the time to campaign against your owners, because things can change quickly.

  • Ahhh such simpler times, when politicians would actually resign for their misdeeds and football clubs were owned by mere crooks.

  • Thanks. I can only speak for myself but I've definitely been conflicted with reports on how Abramovich made his money and the success he has brought to Chelsea. The sanctions were always going to happen.

  • So Chelsea FC are essentially nationalised, and are therefore the nation's club. Hopefully they won't attract a load of flag-waving, right-wing, racist arseholes as fans............

  • 3 have pulled sponsorship from Chelsea now. ooof.

  • Looking forward to the inevitable legal proceedings against Chelsea from Middlesbrough and Wycombe.

  • think that will be the 1st of many to pull the sponsorship i think . just hope that the sale of the club can be pushed through rapidly

  • Any other club and I’d say this was a good opportunity for the club to be given to the fans, but…Chelsea fans…

    I joke, they may be awful, but it is the most sensible thing to do. Which is why it won’t happen, of course.

  • I don't think the club can be sold while it is a frozen asset

  • Chelsea fans singing Abramovichs name when the teams walk out tonight.

    Some people are beyond help.

  • I thought as Abramovich doesn't profit it can be moved on, how transparent that will be atm probably means it will be a while. That could be wishful thinking on my part tho

  • Really. Fuck em then. Hope they go bankrupt and get all their players poached.

  • football is almost unparalleled in its ability to rot people’s brains

  • Callum Chambers with the top bins 👌

  • That was a fun watch! Matty Cash's goal was a beaut as well.

  • He's on fire at the minute, playing international football really seems to have given him a massive confidence boost.

  • He’s getting better and better.

  • One thing with Chelsea it's never dull.

    Understatement of the week so far.

    I guess it’s shame on me for not informing myself better about the who/what/where etc.

    the questions that remain unanswered are what will the Tories do with all the money that they received from the non doms over the years.

  • Another chapter in a headcase of a club. Know what you mean I ignored and brushed over many articles on dirty money etc. Football is very good at brushing over problematic things with success.

  • I wonder how Newcastle fans feel about their owners beheading 81 people yesterday. 'Fit and proper persons', my arse.

  • Ref doing everything he can to help Chelsea today

    How that challenge wasn’t a penalty is anyone’s guess

  • Someone should tell him the rubles he's being paid aren't worth buttons now...

  • apparently, some had devious beliefs

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