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  • Hideous pricks.

  • United are about as far away from being any good as they've been in the last decade. Shameful. The post match Sky analysis with Gaz Nev, Keane and Micah is hilarious.

  • Don't worry, Chelsea living rent free in his head for years. Put him on ignore like the rest of us

  • I hate United but it’s reached the point where I feel sorry for Maguire because he’s become so hapless. His head has totally gone and his confidence must be on the floor. That dummy(?) he played for City’s second was madness.

  • Not wishing to give the impression that I'm encouraging Spurs, but LOL.

  • The absolute arrogance of a board who thought sacking Benitez in favour of Frank Lampard.

    Fucking hilarious.

  • Bring on Liverpool.

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  • Fair result that - you were the better side tonight. Good luck in the next round!
    ...As I Town fan I can now go back to simultaneously worrying about slipping out of the play-offs places and the horror that would be unleashed if we actually somehow won promotion.

  • The absolute arrogance of a board who thought sacking Benitez in favour of Frank Lampard.

    Fucking hilarious.

    The Rafa benitez who won 1 league game in 14 prior to being sacked?

    Last night underlined my worries with lampard. He played some lovely attacking football at chelsea... with better attacking players. And had some pretty bad defensive performances... with much better defenders. He's brought a bit more positivity to the club for sure, but it's hard to pick everyone up after so resolutely shitting the bed against spurs.

    The arrogance (or stupidity) of the board was bringing in a manager in Benitez who was almost universally hated, at first by the fans and then by the players. He isolated players he didn't get on with, didn't play our best attacking fullback, subsequently sold him and generally turned the mood around the club sour. We had a shit run of injuries, I'll grant him that, but with Rafa it was always going to turn toxic after any run of bad results, let alone ONE WIN IN FOURTEEN FUCKING GAMES. If he was that great a manager he'd have worked out how get a few more points, I'd have managed better than that and I'm a twat. We lost at Norwich for fuck's sake! I'm 99% sure we'd have been in a better league postion right now if we'd never appointed Benitez and gone straight for lampard.

  • Well, if nothing else, it's top lelz for the rest of us. I'm annoyed that Saudi Arabia have bought their way out of relegation but it's fun to see you and Leeds battling it out with Burnley for the drop.

  • Can you honestly see him being there in 3 months time. Let alone 6.

  • Yet another idiotic appointment by Moshiri. As long as he is running the club then Everton are fucked.

  • Makes you wonder how much he’s actually putting in to the club. With Usmanov pulling out etc.

    Arsenal definitely dodged a bullet with that one.

  • I’ll be honest, I think we deserve to be relegated. Not for the fans, the proper fans who sell out every away game, but for the club and the shambolic way we’ve been run it would be the reward it deserves. I’ll be gutted and gutted for the proper fans, but it would be deserved. Like 1998 and 1994 we are relying on clubs being more shit than us to survive and I’m just not sure they are. At least we had a bit of fight then.

  • Can you honestly see him being there in 3 months time. Let alone 6.

    Yeah. I'd back him to manage us in the championship. He seems to have plenty of support across the board.

    Last night's result makes the penalty against city even harder to take. We were great in that game until Keane shit a brick again. But at least we've got an apology from mike riley.

    Hojberg living every evertonian's dream last nght by booting a ball really hard into Michael Keane's face.

  • I was just reading on the Burnley board how unpopular Keane is at Everton. Certainly hasn't progressed like I expected him to. He had pace, decent with the ball, was good in the tackle, composed and chipped in with a reasonable number of goals, really thought he'd be at a top team by now.

  • Internet/twitter evertonians get a bit hysterical at times. He's not terrible, sometimes he's actually excellent but he does make mistakes and he's made quite a few this season that have cost us points.

  • I don’t want Everton to get relegated as my partner and their entire family are Toffees

    On the other hand, I would love it if Everton got relegated as my partner and their entire family are Toffees

    The conflict is real

  • Lampard without Jody Morris is all style and no substance.

    I get that he wanted to prove that he could do the job without his right hand man, but obviously it’s not working. Ashley Cole and Paul Clement assisting? Fucking jokes. Even Clough had to have Peter Taylor with him to get the best out of their squads.

    If you decide to go for Rooney when Frank is fired then I hope Derby go for Morris (Jody, not Mel…) to replace him.

  • To be honest the first season the expectations were low at Chelsea and he set us up to play entertaining football but you could also call it incredibly naive. In the second season the wheels came off and Tuchel made his shortcomings as a coach clear within 10 days.

  • PSG bottling it with style.

  • 12 seconds between goals, fucking lol

  • PSG were cruisin' too - real never looked in it. some finish from benzema for his third

  • This Paris second half defensive collapse is making me think Pochettino is going to fit in well at Man Utd.

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