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  • So Mike Ashley is buying Darby then?

  • Pride Park must have been built on an ancient burial ground

  • It’s unlikely. Just more tabloid shit.

    I’d rather your shithead chairman would stop pursuing ludicrous legal action against our club for his teams failings. What’s he trying to achieve by forcing us to spend more in legal fees while we’re in admin?

  • There was a curse on the baseball ground because we kicked out a load of gypsies to start playing football there.

    I think the current excuse is that we just aren’t that good/don’t deserve any better.

  • Is this when Mel Morrison sold himself his own stadium so he could pretend that his finances were in order? Maybe Gibson has a point.

  • Maybe he's doing it to defend the integrity of the football league. Maybe he's just a dick. 🤷♂️

  • Definitely the latter. From what I’m aware Gibson seems to be pursuing the case from a season we were using the amortisation process (not illegal) and we beat Boro to the last playoff place. Apparently, the out of form Boro team would’ve definitely got promoted if they had managed to cling on to 6th place…

    We can’t be sued for any wrongdoing with regards to the stadium sale. All was found above board with the independent panel that the EFL setup.

    The integrity of football has long gone. What sport have you been watching?

  • Must just be a personal vendetta then.

  • Maybe Ashley and Gibson can sort it all out over a beer.

  • Are you trying to make me look up bleach cocktail recipes?

  • On reflection I realise that my post fell well below the standards I set for myself. I'd like to confirm that I am not that type of poster and I sincerely apologise for the hurt it has caused anyone staring into the abyss of sports direct branding.

  • Neat. It's the only way.

  • Maybe Ashley and Gibson can sort it all out over a beer.

    I'd expect that to be pint of wine territory.

  • So Derby have won 3 and drawn 5 with a threadbare squad and doom hanging over them. Is Rooney doing a really good job?

  • Warnock isn't.

  • He’s doing well as a rookie manager who isn’t been able to spend any money and has been restricted to working with a small squad of over 30s and under 21s.

    Last season his tactics were questioned a lot as we setup to try and nullify the opposition. The football has been better to watch this year, but when you’re best striker is Colin Kazim Richards (and he’s out injured) you know you’re struggling for goals.

  • Not that many footballs need more money but this raises an interesting point about someone's right to own information about them...

    The global implications of this, especially in stat heavy American sports, would be insane.

  • This would have a huge impact on baseball I'd imagine. Would also be interesting what Fantasy Leagues would do with the change.

  • I imagine it'll end up with some kind of body like the PRS for music, working to check the use of data and chasing for royalties. However, I'm really not sure how you can stop someone from using the data as it's less traceable than music, film, tv etc...

  • Interesting that the lawyer involved, Chris Farnell, has had his fingers in a number of dubious football pies over the years.

    Charlton fans in particular are not a fan of his.

  • Actually what I work in but for AV not music. Can only imagine it would be a nightmare as you say. So much of it relies on reporting and it's all much easier to track as the stats seem a lot more transient than a song or film that you can register somewhere. Will try to keep an eye on it to see if it gets anywhere.

    It does seem quite similar to the image rights issues on Fifa games that Ibrahimović had recently­s-image-rights-fifa

  • Confusing that the law practice is called EA Sports Law when they're writing about EA Sports and law.

    stats seem a lot more transient than a song or film

    I just don't know how things like copyright strikes etc on YT would work. The fingerprint of music, image etc is the item itself. Some numbers in a table just wouldn't be identifiable in the same way.

    Even if a judge agrees that players own this data, it would be impossible to maintain control over it.

    Recording a match on your phone when you're there is already something prohibited (but not managed). Imagine banning pencil and paper if someone wanted to mark their programme etc.

  • "Maybe the new owners can restore the club to its rightful position (14th)..."

    Hits harder than any of the stuff on Saudi

  • i hope they get relegated.

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