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  • On day 1 they sold as many shirts as they normally do in a year apparently. Crashed the site and all.

  • Another disappointing draw last night. Derby are properly shit... offered absolutely nothing in attack. Keeper was stalling for time inside the first quarter of the game.

    Still - couldn't actually score so...

    Fingers crossed the next home game (another 4 hr round trip on a weeknight) is actually worth it.

  • Yeah quite a bit of cash for them but think it's the best shirt in ages and not in a psg jumping on the bandwagon way. Clubs have picked up on how popular shirts are atm and knocking out 3rd shirts. Some are good some are total gash but the Ajax one stands out.

  • It's nice quality; fabric is thicker and more premium that the usual replica and there's lots of embroidery etc. Don't really begrudge the price, just not like I actually support them :)

  • Just looked all sold out on adidas. 😔

  • That sucks. Mine still has tags on. Might break it out at the weekend.

  • The perma-brilliant Mark O'Brien on Everton Burnley:­15/15-september-2021-distilled/

  • ha. that is an excellent write up. loved the Cape Canaveral, Carbon bomb and Captain Powerpoint references. good stuff. be sure to drop his write ups in here again dude.

  • Yeah echo jonny. Tag his write ups in. very good.
    "Sean Dyche’s paintball stag-do squad"

  • It’s the sign-off that creased me up.

  • ha, not heard 'creased me up' for ages. excellent

  • There's no way Coors Light would be the drink of choice.

    I'd imagine Stella or Peroni, Carling at a push.

  • I get it, it's a super lame alternative... Enjoyed that... 😂

  • He used to write for the When Skies Are Grey fanzine and is generally excellent, but I thought this was a particularly good one, worth sharing.

    My personal favourite was his describing how Gerrard deulofeu "Unleashed a shot so venemous it's getting its own documentary on channel 5" for an equaliser against arsenal.

  • The City Ground really is where football careers go to die. Shame it didn't work out for Hughton but ultimately it's a sign of the disorganisation at the top that continues to cripple the club.

    If John Terry takes over I'll have a polonium chaser with my bleach cocktail please.

  • With James Rodriguez at home feeding the peacocks

  • The one silver lining for a Derby fan is no matter how bad we are as a team and a club, at least we’re not Forest.­1/sep/16/the-fiver-nottingham-forest?CMP­=Share_iOSApp_Other

  • The best bit from Daniel Taylor's recent article is the story of our owner offering to buy The Guardian because they wouldn't take down article linking his shipping company to some illegal activity.

  • Yeah that deulofeu stuff is top drawer shit. Awesome player too. Proper game changer. Keep em coming when he is on form

  • Were the comments open for that one?

  • Can you let us know how to get out of this mess and turn it around to become prem champions in no time at all?

    Nah, fuck it. I can’t really make light of this situation. My team that I’ve followed through very few highs and many lows has been dragged even lower by the incumbent owner and his poor decision making as a football club owner. There’s a real possibility that this isn’t even the lowest we can fall and it makes me feel a bit sick thinking about it.

  • dark times dude. we are here for you

  • how with all the (literally dumb amounts of) money swilling about the english game do you let your stewardship of a heritage club lead to its administration. have to truly fsck it

    commiserations user roboto : /

  • Can you let us know how to get out of this mess and turn it around to become prem champions in no time at all?

    Pay a few pence in the pound to the people who built your new stadium, St John's Ambulance, etc and then use the money saved to finance new signings.

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