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  • a tidy win today but i'll have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for the rest of the day ( no, not the turnip curry i did for lunch ) but poor harvey elliot, youngest member of our squad stretchered off, didn't see the incident but really felt like being sick for about 5 mins afterwards just because it was him and what they were saying, had to walk away from the tele

    just starting out, started every game so far this season, klopp seems to like him
    seems like a long injury, very sad for the young lad


  • and haven't really enjoyed watching thiago in a liverpool shirt apart from his first 45 mins against chelsea i think it was
    just something about him doesn't seem to fit the liverpool team, meanwhile on the lfc fan forums they're saying he was sublime today and man of the match ..... go figure

  • Just seen the Harvey Elliot ankle break.. Horrible.
    hope he heals quickly and has no lasting effects from it.

    Wasn't a red card though was just an accident
    Or have the rules changed where any serious injury is deemed a red?

  • Is it classed as reckless when a serious injury happens? Like that Ukraine one in the Euros.

  • It's comes under "serious foul play" (which is a sending off offence), although it will be the ref's discretion as it's entirely subjective.­ernance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11­/law-12---fouls-and-misconduct


    A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play.

    (I haven't seen the video of the tackle in question, just answering the question posed...)

  • i don't have any skin in the game in terms of tribal loyalties and I only watched it once live but for me it was a red. Seemed to jump in from behind, both feet off the ground and then scissored the trailing leg.

    sure he didn't mean to hurt him but it was a red IMO.

    made me feel pretty bad afterwards too.

  • If he hadn't been injured I don't think it would have been given as a red (or even a foul). Looked more like his back leg clipped him than a scissor motion.

    I guess though the fact that he did was seriously injured means it was a challenge that endangered the safety of an opponent.

    Obviously this will also give Klopp more ammunition in his push to minimise tackling and physical contact in the game.

  • No contact on anyone unless its administered by Fabinho, then its ok.

  • some cracking action this weekend. I thought the United 4th was the pick of the goals. crazy how newcastle kinda threw that game away as they looked good going toe to toe. very much like Villa at Chelsea. some flattering scores out there.

    apart from the Palace game which was spot on.

    not convinced that was a red card for the foul on Elliott. but hope the young lad recovers well and recovers fast. was pure class from him to applaud the clapping Leeds fans while being carried off on the stretcher. obviously noone wants to see anyone injured.

  • apart from the Palace game which was spot on.


  • Benitez doing what Benitez does. Gray and Townsend have started really well. £1.7m for Gray looks great business.

  • Burnley were bossing that game first half. But respect to Everton for the turn around. Some cracking goals too. Top weekend of football that

  • Yeah it was looking pretty grim after 53 minutes. But please with how we stepped up after equalising. We’ve come from behind to win twice already this season after failing to do so even once for the previous 5 years 😱

    And speaking of poor challenges, Tarkowski should have been sent off.

  • Benitez doing what Benitez does

    Have Everton fans decided they like him now he's winning games?

  • Looking forward to big cup tonight. Might buy a BT pass. The streaming site I've been using has been a bit hit and miss the pass 2 weekends.

  • Have Everton fans decided they like him now he's winning games?

    Some have from the start, some never will. I think he's a great coach, but it still feels a bit wrong. Then again, I thought Ancelotti was great and he stiffed us as soon as he got the chance. And we're certainly playing better football then we did under Carlo.

  • I think he's a great coach

    He's consistently shown he's one of the best in the world.
    Madness that some didn't want him at the club. No trolling but absolutely no idea how a club like Everton have managed to secure Ancelotti and Benitez. Dreamland to have either.

  • Ancelotti and Benitez

    We pay them an obscene amount of money.

  • Just read Ajax are banned from wearing that great 3rd kit with the 3 little birds tribute. That's rubbish such a great link to the fans and a great kit too.

  • Ha - that'll do it.

  • And speaking of poor challenges, Tarkowski should have been sent off.

    That was a great challenge. Football needs to keep a bit of blood and thunder.

  • Horrific take.

  • They’ll wear it, just not with the 3 birds on the back.

  • That's the best bit 😭😭😭. Have you got one?? I'm thinking of getting one.

  • I picked on up. Really nice shirts. £70 though 🙄

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